Cycling is an activity of riding a bicycle for various purposes such as transport, recreation, sport, and exercise. It is an aerobic workout that strengthens the lower body, ranging from legs to hips as well as building muscles and bones when done regularly. Cycling is highly embraced because it is healthy, fun and easy to fit it into the daily routine.

It offers numerous health benefits but there has been discussions and queries about its impact on the sexual health of both men and women. According to the research conducted by medical professionals, men tend to experience a severe and wide range of adverse effects, which greatly affect their sexual organs than women. Consequently, it directly affects their sexual performance thus leading to poor sex life.

On the other hand, it should be viewed as an exercise to boost low testosterone level in the body, which is responsible for various manhood attributes. Also, regular riding usually helps to keep stress hormones in check, which contributes to less stress hence easier sexual arousal. Further research indicates that women who are physically active enjoy similar benefits, which means cycling is of importance to both genders when performed moderately.

Moreover, it has been found that individuals that ride frequently have a reduced risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and high protection against diabetes and cholesterol. Also, it gets the blood pumping while increasing stamina as well as the sex drive.

How Cycling Affect Your Health?

Evaluation of the study and research conducted indicates that the negative effects experienced by both men and women outweigh the benefits. Cycling is not considered safe and healthy since it tampers with the functioning of sexual organs, especially in men. Most men cyclists experience prostatitis, which is characterized by pain and inflammation in the prostate area. This creates difficulties during sexual activity and the victims are forced to look for the top natural testosterone boosters to use.

Another challenge that is common is trapped nerve whereby pudendal nerve gets compressed on the saddle thereby causing severe pain. In extreme cases, this causes numbness in and around the penis and the scrotum, which can cause infertility if not treated with immediate effect. Therefore, it is good to seek medical help before the situation deteriorates.

Further, it is important to understand how cycling really affects sexual health in men. It has been found that sitting on the bike for long periods of time subjects the seat to put pressure on the perineum, the region that crosscuts between anus and penis. This area is filled with nerves and arteries that distribute oxygenated blood and sensation to the penis so as to trigger an erection.

In addition, once these nerves and arteries are damaged, it becomes impossible for the nerve impulses to send the message from the brain to the penis thereby resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Stay Safe When Cycling

You can employ a few modifications and continue riding for exercise and fun without sacrificing your sex life. It will also one of the natural ways to increase stamina thus leading to productivity and proper functioning of the entire body.

Also, it is advisable to lower the handlebars, wearing padded bike shorts so as to get an extra layer of protection, cutting training intensity as well as taking regular breaks during long rides. This will contribute immensely to improving sexual health and performance thereby promoting quality sex life. Also, switching narrow seat for wider that contains extra paddling for supporting the perineum can be of help.

Effect of Cycling on Women’s Sexual Health

Furthermore, some studies indicate that cycling has a negligible effect on women’s sexual health compared to men. Also, the statistics indicate that women that engage in long mile ride gain high sexual performance and health, which enables them to perform optimally during sexual activity. This means that their fertility remains high throughout their production period.

However, it has been found that they are victims of adverse effects, which might tamper with their urinary and sexual health. Riding for long directly affects female genitourinary track to an extent of losing the urge for having sex. Also, these women are at a high risk of developing UTIs, perineal numbness as well as the saddle sores, which leads to a painful sex.

The theory behind the connection is that there is the generation of pressure while riding on a bike saddle, which affects nerves and blood vessels around the genital area. Therefore, cyclists are reminded to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid risking their sexual health. This will help their marriages to stand based on continuous productivity thus preventing the cases of infidelity.

Additionally, further validated studies need to be conducted in order to come up with lasting remedies, which will enable both men and women to enjoy cycling without the fear of compromising their sex life. Also, it is worth to mention that genital areas are very delicate and sensitive and this calls for extra care when dealing with activities that engage them. This will help to minimize the cases of being unproductive.

The Way Forward

Due to the emerging studies and research regarding cycling and sexual health, it is evident that the majority experience undesirable effects. Public awareness should be endorsed so as to educate more people who find cycling interesting. However, those already affected should seek medical assistance before the worst happens.

On top of that, cycling is considered for men but women engage themselves too. The persistent market research shows that Denmark was the first to embrace cycling in the world. It later spread to other countries. It is an easy exercise and does not require complicated skills to operate hence suitable for all.

However, cycling should not be relied on exclusively due to the above-mentioned side effects. Individuals who demand to perform physical exercises should engage in various workouts. Also, the time factor should be considered in order to avoid over-working on the same activity.

Effects of cycling are experienced all over although there are precautions that should be taken all through. Following several studies linked to riding, evaluations have been done on a filled questionnaire that indicates that prolonged cycling causes erectile dysfunction. Almost everyone experienced harsh effects although they last for one week.

Also, extended studies show that individuals who ride for an average of two hours in several days have decreased genital sensation. It is good to seat at the correct height in a way that legs are not extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke. This will not only spare the sexual health but also urinary system.

Comparing the studies done on the effects on men and women, men seem to be the most affected since their sexual organs are external. There is the highest possibility of pressing then against the seat thus causing painful outcomes. They should, therefore, adjust their posture in the right angle while maintaining proper balance while riding.

When an individual loses sexual sensation, it means they can no longer satisfy their partners in bed. This is because of their libido, sex drive, and erection lower as well as their level of performance. Also, the issues of infidelity knock and this break the bond in the marriage.

Deep analysis of information from diverse sources shows that one can continue with cycling as long as they observe the guidelines provided. There exist a variety of bicycles with different operating skills. The important thing is to embrace mechanisms that will aid in reducing the chances of injuring sexual organs.

Should Old People Enjoy Cycling?

Further, cycling has the similar effects on old people. It tampers with testosterone levels in the body, which takes part in boosting sexual performance. Also, it interferes with other hormones that affect sexual reactions even when they are triggered.

There exist misconceptions about cycling but one should focus on the relevant and important piece of information when seeking for help. Various studies and research are available in large numbers to educate cyclists. However, in case you encounter a health problem for a while, consider consulting a medical professional.

Also, gynecologists have done their research that indicates the importance of avoiding cycling all the time. As discussed earlier, more pressure is exerted around the genital area, which causes severe damages on both genders. Therefore, it is advisable to use bicycles that are considered safe.


Since it is evident that cycling interferes with sexual health, more emphasis should be made regarding the precautions to be taken. This will help in reducing the cases of sexual dysfunction dramatically. Also, sexual education should be incorporated for people to learn how to take care of their sexual health.

Moreover, most people view cycling as a fun activity forgetting that there is the dark side of it. It offers a variety of health benefits that keep the body functioning on track. However, that should not blind them to recognize the side effects that accrue with time.

Therefore, when you are having a fun ride, always remember to value your sexual health. This is the greatest pride one can ever have.