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Ditch the Crown: Dental Implants a Serious Long-term Solution

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Dental implants have become increasingly popular alternatives to bridge-supported crowns, a traditional form of tooth replacement. Although both bridges and implants are stable in the mouth, implants offer major advantages over bridges.

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For example, implants are longer lasting, easier to maintain and more natural looking. Here is a deeper look at why dental implants are a serious long-term solution to tooth loss.

No Impact on Adjacent Teeth

Unlike bridge-supported crowns, dental implants do not require modification of adjacent teeth during placement. Whereas bridges require filing down healthy teeth that are used to support the crown, dental implants stand independently because they are actually rooted in the jaw bone.

This sidesteps several potential problems with bridges, such as increased risks of tooth decay, gum disease and infections that might require root canal treatment.

Biocompatible Titanium

Titanium is the standard material used to make dental implants for a variety of reasons. Known for its unique combination of excellent strength and light weight, titanium is comfortable as well as durable.

This means that titanium implants easily withstand the pressure of chewing. Titanium is also unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and it readily fuses with jaw bone tissue, making titanium implants a truly permanent solution that is tolerable for nearly everyone.

Easy Dental Hygiene

Daily brushing and flossing is essential for prevention of oral health problems, but conventional crowns can complicate these tasks because dental bridge hardware is present above the gum line.

By contrast, dental implants from places like Westchase Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center have no external hardware and can be brushed and flossed like natural teeth.

While bridge-supported crowns can require special instruments for thorough cleaning, dental implants can be maintained with a regular toothbrush and dental floss.

Natural Appearance

Dental implants outperform crowns cosmetically in a number of ways. The total absence of hardware above the gum line ensures that dental implants give recipients a natural-looking smile.

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Although bridge-supported crowns may look real at first glance, close inspection can quickly reveal them as artificial because of their visible hardware.

Furthermore, dental implants prevent jaw bone resorption, an issue that can occur after replacement of teeth with dentures or bridges, which are not rooted in the jaw bone. Resorption can result in additional tooth loss as well as facial muscle deterioration that makes patients look years older.

With brushing and flossing on a daily basis and dental check-ups twice per year, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Although placement of dental implants often takes longer than for bridge-supported crowns, the results are simply superior. A dental exam can be scheduled to determine eligibility for dental implants and discuss how this treatment compares with traditional crowns.

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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