Dispensary Etiquette

Marijuana is definitely not new as it has been recorded and written about for thousands of years. However, in 1937, cannabis was made illegal by the United States government and the world followed suit. Since then, it has gone downhill with a very negative stigma.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990’s when medical marijuana was legalized in California that brought cannabis into the spotlight again. You would have never imagined less than 10 years ago; marijuana was looked at as a heavy hardcore drug.

Now in 2019, almost every legal recreational state has a dispensary on every corner. Some less than others but they are popping up quicker than ever. As much as this is good because competition brings out the best in us, some dispensaries might have different rules than others. For the most part, the rules work the same throughout.

Cannabis Dispensary Store

A cannabis dispensary store is a store that only sells cannabis and accessories. Unlike a liquor store that doesn’t only sells liquor, a dispensary will only have products related to cannabis. The laws are so strict in some states and counties that you cannot even sell blunt wraps with tobacco in them.

Whether these are flower buds, wax, edibles, convection dry herb vapes, nectar collectors, you can find it all right here. Some people will treat it as a one stop shop if they have all your products.

One of the best parts about going to a dispensary is the budtenders. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet are budtenders. They have a hard job because not everyone that comes into a dispensary knows what they want.

They have to continuously train, educate and help new people all day. They know everything they need to in that store from marijuana flower to ancillary dispensary supplies. Never hesitate to question them on any question that comes to mind. It is important and good to know what you are consuming and how to do it best.

Difference Between Medical and Recreational

There aren’t a whole lot of differences between medical or recreational dispensaries. Most people claim that medical stores have higher levels of THC which is not true. However, there are new laws for certain states that has the law spread across medical and recreational.

For example, in California, edibles cannot be higher than 100mg of THC. For the most part, everything is the same. Some states like Florida have also been trying to limit high THC strains and keep it low THC to a high CBD ratio strain.

How to Behave at a Dispensary

When walking into a dispensary, it will be very exciting and overwhelming. You would have never imagined walking into a store filled with marijuana and to be doing it legally. Nowadays, they even have marijuana delivery services, however there is less etiquette when using this service. Follow these tips on how to have a great experience.

Ask Questions

When you want to get cannabis for something specific, let the budtenders know. If you’re not sure, keep asking questions. Finding out what strains they have and what each one does is great. For example, a sativa strain is an upper that is good to be used during the day so you’re not a couch potato like the stigma weed has.

Indica will give you more of that feeling. If you need help with the local laws, it’s also best to ask the budtender. For example, some states don’t allow you to smoke but you can use a THC oil vape.

Don’t Use Your Phone

When you walk into the dispensary, make sure you put your phone away. This is a big deal and you will be told to put it away. Having it out in the lobby is fine but when you go into the main room, it’s frowned upon. Generally, the store owner will not want you having your phone out and talking or disturbing people. They also do not like it if you take any pictures.

Be Courteous

This should not be said because it should always be done but be courteous to everyone. Whether it’s the people around you in the waiting lobby, to the security guard or even the budtender. They’re trying to help you, so you do the same.

Be Curious

Being curious sort of goes with asking questions but being curious means taking the extra step of curiosity. Ask the budtenders which is best for you and try different stuff. For example, you might like an oil vape pen more than you will like wax.

Concentrates are much stronger, but this can be a disadvantage as new users won’t be able to handle this. Same with edibles, they can often be too strong if you don’t dose it correctly.

Tip the Budtenders

Since your budtender is doing a service for you, it’s always good to tip them if they do a good job. There is usually a tip jar in the front where you pay. Simply throw a dollar or two in there.

Bring Proper I.D.

Regardless if you have your medical recommendation from your doctor or you’re walking into a dispensary and you look over 40, you will need proper identification. A driver’s license, state ID, or passport will all work. Make sure they’re all up to date and not expired.

Don’t Smoke on the Property

One of the quickest ways you don’t come back to a dispensary or by getting kicked out is by smoking on the property. When you get your prescription exit bag, make sure you don’t open it until you get off the property. Dispensary owners have to abide by strict laws.