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Different types of Male Shape

It has become such a huge debate in the recent years about men’s shape. Unlike in the previous years where the discussion was all about the women shape.

It has been really escalated by how men are being perceived in the current world and how they should be dressed all depends on how well they know what is their form of the body in the first place.

The main reason as to why it is very important to know what your shape, is because it is what will determine what to wear and makes you stand out from the rest.

The way you dress and stand out will always go a long way in increasing not only your self-confidence but also increase your boost on how you feel good about yourself. Here are some shapes of men…

1. Rectangular


It is one of the most popular ones which is just a straight up down look. Research has indicated that almost for out of ten men have a rectangular figure. It is when the torso is flat and there is no change of as you go toward the hips.

2. Oval shape

Oval shape

It is one of the second most common among many men, what really defines it is the fact that a lot of weight is stored on the upper side of the body when you compare to the weight that is on the lower side that what is in the lower side towards the legs.

3. Triangle


The triangle can easily be compared to the pear form of the woman’s. Here a lot of weight is carried around the middle of the body than the rest.

The Triangle is not only the third most also shared by nearly fourteen percent of the British population. Triangle is when one carries a little excess weight around the middle of the body.

4. Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle

This is one of the forms of the body that you will hardly see around you as it is one of the rarest.

This kind of is when the upper half of the body has a broad shoulder and more than excess muscle which also goes down to the waist and the hips are a little bit smaller. Usain Bolt is one athlete that has this form of the body.

5. Rhomboid


It is the second very rare after the inverted triangle and is very well known by the celebrity Daniel Craig and very few athletes.

It is though slightly different from the rectangular shape, as in this case the shoulder is more well-built, and, in that essence, they tend to protrude slightly compared to the hips.

There is more woman body shape when compared to just the five that men do have. Some of the well know and discussed woman shapes are the straight, the famous pear, apple, spoon hourglass, the oval, diamond, top hourglass, skinny, athletic, lollipop and cornet body shape.

Fashion has played a major role on how we view the form of the body because what you will end up wearing will totally depend on how your body is, as it is the first thing that people will define you with.

The above-mentioned shape of the body will tell you where you belong and considering that your shape is the most valuable assets especially to women than men. It is very wised to choose what to wear very carefully because.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger and Editor here on Healthtian and other Krafty Sprouts sites, I make sure things run smoothly as they should.

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