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Different Types of Combs and Their Uses

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Combs is one fashion item that almost every individual has, but not everyone knows that each comb has a unique purpose. I love combs because they come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and even colours.

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Combs are pocket-friendly, and you can choose to buy a plastic, wooden, or metal one depending on your preference and budget. Permit me to use a phrase I coined ” different combs for different folks” because whatever comb you choose to use will be determined by your kind of hair, and how you desire to style it.

Have you ever wondered why some people use as many as for different combs on a single strand? You will find out why different combs can work together to help you achieve the desired look as you read further.

So, what are the different kinds of combs that exist?

There are different types of combs, and I’m beginning to believe there may be a few we don’t even know about.

Growing up, I remember my mum’s hairdresser using as three mouthed (sometimes two mouthed) wooden comb called the Ila irun in Yoruba or cutting comb in English which was used to make clean parts.

That comb is responsible for all those beautiful Yoruba hairstyles with neat parts that grace lots of history books in west African libraries.

The Ila irun was unique because it could be sharpened whenever the hairdresser thought it was getting blunt. I don’t see it around these days, and for some reason, i think the cutting comb was only available in West Africa because they were locally made by craftsmen and sold by local hairdressers and retailers.

Just like we had the west African cutting comb, other cultures may have unique combs that were created specially to make beautifying their hair easy. Below are nine of the most popular combs in the world and their uses.

1. The rat tail comb

At one point or another in your life, you may have owned a rat tail comb. It comes in different colours, but the most popular is the Navy blue one. The tail end of the comb of used for parting or sectioning of hair especially blow dried natural hair or relaxed hair.

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Just like the African cutting comb, the tail end of the rat tail comb makes a clean and sharp part. Although little tricky, skilled hair stylists can make lovely curls with the teeth of this comb by picking up hair and twisting it with the teeth of this comb repeatedly.

You can also use the teeth of a rat tail comb to smooth down hair especially when you want to make a ponytail.

2. The paddle brush

Paddle brushes are underestimated, but they can be a lifesaver if you have a good one. On bad hair days, all you need is a paddle brush to detangle matted, rough, and tangled hair.

This comb or brush as people prefer to call it can be used on both straight and curly hair which makes it a versatile beauty tool. You can get a plastic or wooden paddle brush, but I’d pick a plastic one over a wooden one because it’s softer.

3. Synthetic and natural bristle brush

If there is any brush you can find on the dresser, in the bag, or the bathroom of any woman with hair regardless of her age or colour, it is the synthetic and natural bristle brush. This comb is a magic wand as it solves almost every problem. From smoothing down hair, detangling, to use during a blowout, this hair brush is the go-to place.

The completely natural bristled brush comes with bristles that are made from boar bristle. Though they are more pricey, you are sure to enjoy every nickel you spend on them. You can also find a variety of this brush that comes with a combination of both synthetic and natural bristles.

4. Wide tooth comb

If you are a natural hair lover, then this comb has to be one of your favourites. As the name implies, the wide tooth comb comes with wide spaces between each bristle which makes it easy for you to work it through natural hair.

This comb works great for detangling hair while it prevents split ends and hair breakage. You can also use it for sectioning and parting of natural hair because it is easier and more gentle on curls.

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5. The fine tooth comb

If you are looking for one of the best combs for smoothing down hair and taming flyaways, then a fine tooth comb is what you should go for.

This comb is also useful for applying products from the root of your hair down to the tips and also for smoothing rough natural hair edges of you are wearing a ponytail. People with long straight hair or short hair will also find it useful.

6. Afro pick

This comb is one that had played a significant role in the history of black and pop culture. In the late ’80s and early ’90s when people wore huge afros, this comb helps with creating the illusion of a full hair and even became a fashion item as people wore it on their hair to create a fashion statement.

For natural hair wearers, week find it difficult to comb through their hair without going through some pain, this comb and a few drops of water will help to detangle stubborn hair while reducing breakage to the barest minimum.

7. The Denman brush

The Denman brush came to the natural hair community as a saviour and it has remained one ever since. People with natural hair always had the problem of knots and frizzing when combing their hair with the normal comb.

For people with type there or type for hair, this comb helps you save time and energy when detangling. You are sure to enjoy more curl definition and less fizz if you use the Denman brush.

8. The rounded brush

You hardly find people who are not hairdressers with this brush. It is really great when blow drying hair and you want to create lots of volumes. You can also create some curls using this brush but only when your hair is about 80% dry.

9. Vented brush

If you are looking to cut down on time you spend blow drying your hair; then you may want to get a vented brush especially for blow drying.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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