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Different Body Shapes and Clothes That Fit

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Women are very diverse in their body shapes and this means that there are different body shapes and different body sizes. Knowing your body shape can be an uphill task sometimes and this can affect the type of clothing you wear. Hence, you just may be wearing a type of clothing that doesn’t accentuate or complement your body shape.

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The essence of this article is to help you identify your body shape and size and also to give you pointers and suggestions on what to wear that help complement your body shape, and also essentially bring out your body shape.

Not all clothes fit every woman and the ability for you to essentially point out the kind of cloth to wear will help you be very confident and if you are looking to make a fashion statement, then you just might have gotten your desire.

We would first help you determine your body shape and size and then give you suggestions on the kind of clothes to wear. Before we begin to list the different kind of body shapes, we would first give you pointers to how to determine your body shape. You can determine your body shape if you follow the following steps:

  • Get a measuring tape and measure your shoulder length first
  • After that, then measure the length of your bust (your breast region)
  • Then measure your waist length
  • After that, measure your hip length

Once you have undergone the following steps, ensure you write the measurements down, then you can compare.

These measurements will help you determine what body shape you have and the kind of body size that you find yourself and this ultimately will help you pick your clothes better to fit your body structure.
There are different body shapes and they include:

The pear-shaped body shape

In this kind of body shape, your hips are essentially larger than your shoulders. So therefore, this means that any clothing you must wear must help to add to your shoulders to make it full and not your hips. If you wear clothes that will add to your hips to make it fuller rather than your shoulders, you just might end up looking really awful.

A person with this kind of body shape should always try to balance your upper body with your lower body and then also not add too much to the lower limbs so as to attain the perfect hour glass shape.

Individuals with the pear body shape should wear tops that has a fitted waist. Tops that are brightly coloured with beautiful bold patterns are advised for such an individual. Also tops that are off shoulders, and have a structured waist are encouraged.

For the bottom, the person can wear skirts with light gathers (not too much at the waist), skirts with A-lines and have darker shades of colours can be worn. Also, the person is advised to wear fitted pants along with the tops. Slightly flare pants too are advised for people with kind of body shape.

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Note: This kind of body shape should please be very careful with palazzo pants and it should be rocked with caution. If you must wear heels, wear balanced heels not the kind that will make your legs look very long and slim.

The straight or ruler body shape

This kind of body shape has the hips, the burst, the shoulders and the waist at about roughly the same length. This kind of body shape is often regarded as the boyish look or the boyish profile.

For this body shape, you should focus on enhancing the waist so as to achieve the perfect hour glass shape. You can wear tops with a nipped waist or a belted waist. Off shoulders too are perfect for you. You can likewise decide to rock v necks or u-necks depending on your preference.

For this kind of body shape, pants that enhances the curves of your waist. Palazzo pants in this case is highly recommended. Also wearing of fitted pants or skirts for this kind of body shape is accepted.

If you are of the body shape, please DONT even try to wear men’s clothing. Run away from baggy pants. Except when going for exercises, run away from track suits. This is because this kind of body clothes will simply tag you as a boy.

This means you will end up looking like a ‘boy’. You can always go for skinny jeans (either ripped or plain skinny jeans) and likewise get women’s track suit so that they can help you enhance your body shape.

The beautiful hour glass body shape

Hourglass Figure

This body shape is considered to be the perfect body shape. Unfortunately, not every woman gets to have this kind of body shape. For this kind of body shape, the hips and shoulders are of the same length while the waist is a little bit smaller in length but yet, it is well defined.

Women in this category must dress to enhance the waist but then flaunt the hips and the shoulders. Look for tops that are belted and tops that are nipped at the waist (I.e. tops that gives the waist a snatching kind of look). Wrapped tops as well as peplum tops are also encouraged.

For the bottom, almost anything goes. You can decide to wear fitted pants or fitted skirts, baggy pants, palazzo pants etc. Almost anything that fits into your size can go with this shape. This is the reason why it is called the perfect body shape. For dresses, body con dresses are advised.

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The inverted triangle body shape

For this kind of body shape, the length of the shoulders and burst is larger than the length of the waist. The type of clothing that are advised for this kind of body shape includes clothes that will help accentuate the waist and the hips. Mostly narrow V-necked tops, wrap tops, dark coloured tops, nipped waist tops as well as peplum tops are advised.

For the bottoms however, bootcuts, palazzo pants and pants that have embellished pockets are advised. Wearing of skirts that have gathers and high waist skirts are also advised.

The oval or round body shape

People with oval body shape have a large bust with narrow hips. This means that the length of their bust and shoulders is wider than that of the waist and hips.

They also likewise have a full midsection (I.e. they have a full stomach portion) whereas the waist is not too defined. In some oval shaped people however, their waists may be a little bit apportioned. Most pregnant women tend to fall into this category.

The kinds of clothes that are encouraged for this kind of body shape includes tops with a wider V-neck or with a wide u-neck is advised. Wrap dresses or wrap tops are highly advised. Likewise, you may wear clothes that won’t necessary expose the full midsection. Peplum tops as well as tops with a nipped waist is advised.

For the bottom, you may wear pants with embellished pockets, palazzo pants and skirts with beautiful flares. Make sure you go for clothes with a wide waist band. Don’t wear something that will cling to your midsection thereby making it fuller than it already is.

The diamond body shape

People with this kind of body shape have a larger hip length than the bust. This means that the length of their bust is smaller than the length of their shoulders. Just like the oval shape, they also have a full midsection with little or undefined waists.

People with this kind of body shape should ensure that they wear clothes that add curves and fullness to the body while maintaining the shape of the waist and will also give length to the lower body.

In other words, women should remember these quick facts when picking their clothes:

  • Fact 1: Dear busty women, don’t wear clothes that have high necks, gathers, empire cuts etc. Your bust already has a lot of drama going on, please DONT add to the fullness.
  • Fact 2: Dear women with small busts, please DONT wear clothes with V-necks. You are allowed to wear frills, gathers, pleats, and tops or blouses that will add fullness and drama to the area.
  • Fact 3: Dear women with thick or full waists, please DONT wear fitted blouses. You are allowed to wear peplum tops, wrap dresses and tops, tops and dresses that are cut just above the waist.
  • Fact 4: Dear women with wide shoulders, ensure that you DON’T wear clothes that will make your shoulders look wider and fuller. Clothes with shoulder pads and/or puff sleeves should be avoided.

The aim of this article is to help you know your body shape and clothes that could help you fit in better. These are simply pointers to the kind of combination to be worn.

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You need to look beautiful, confident and classy with what you are wearing as this would give the impression that you know how to select your clothes especially to people who you are meeting for the first time. Like they say, first impressions do matter a lot.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Deborah Akinola
Wirter, poet and public speaker

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