Detoxification of the body to make our bodily functions more efficient is one of the latest things happening in the health-fanatic department. Everyone is raving about how detox diets and all have helped them become healthier and more active.

Even though detox in Florida and other major states have faced a lot of criticism recently, we cannot deny that there is something good about these procedures that make us healthier and happier.

You should consider starting a detox diet for a few days if you feel very lethargic, sleepy, bloated or if you feel any random internal pain from time to time.  Here, we are going to discuss some easy ways to detoxify your body and adopt a healthier lifestyle.


One of the most common ways people go on detox diets is by fasting for a couple of days. Some people ward off everything but water but that is really dangerous. The more common type of fast is taking in liquids like lemon with water, smoothies of fruits and vegetables, and fresh juices.

In this way, you will still be getting the nutrients your body needs, liquids are much easier to digest by the body so your organs will function minimally and you will only be taking in healthy an organic food.


Believe it or not but exfoliating the whole body with exfoliating soaps and scrubs regularly is a great way to detoxify your body. This is because exfoliating the body scrubs off dead skin cells and along with it takes the harmful toxins that are in the surface of our skin. This makes circulation to the skin surface more efficient and makes us healthier than before.

Eliminating Toxins through Sweating

There are two ways to sweat profusely to flush out toxins from the body: by exercising and by visiting a sauna. Sweating through exercise is obviously a lot more beneficial but saunas offer that you sweat while relaxing.

Doing a Cleanse

This is similar to what we discussed in fasting. A cleanse is basically cutting out on harmful foods and focusing on a few things that make your body healthier. The most common thing people start cleanses with is juices. Juice and smoothie cleanse are as we mentioned above; they are made with green, leafy vegetables, maybe some fruits and a sweetener like honey.

Sometimes people also do a cleanse which basically cuts down on harmful ingredients like sugar and preservatives. Some types of cleanses also require you to take some concoction like lemon with warm water first thing in the morning and then you can eat whatever you want for the rest of the day.

Drinking Tea

Sure, tea has caffeine and is somewhat harmful in its own rights but there are some ways in which tea is very beneficial as a detoxification agent. Teas like chamomile and green tea are natural and have many beneficial components like antioxidants which help your body function better by making organs more efficient. They are also known for flushing out toxins from the body and helping you lose weight. Some kinds of tea also lower your appetite for junk food and keep you feeling full so you consume less food all day.

Cutting Down on Processed Food

Processed foods are toxic to a healthy lifestyle. They are laden with so many preservatives and harmful chemicals which only show their harmful effects after a lot of them have been accumulated. A lot of diseases are attributed to many different kinds of preservatives and chemicals collecting in the body for a long period of time. This is why you should cut down on preservatives and processed foods as much as possible. You will notice a positive change in your life and you will become much healthier than before.

Taking in some Greenery

Going to a natural retreat for a couple of days is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins. Try to catch and eat your own food and just breathe in the fresh air that is not at all available to us in the city. This way, your biological clock will also be rewound and when you go back to your daily life, you will feel like a totally new person.