Scientific name of Copana is Cumulopuntia Boliviana. This herb belongs to the plant family Cactaceae.

Is commonly known as cactus. This herb is also known, with de common names: EspinaKepo, and Puscaya. It is a medicinal plant used by indigenous kallawayas, located in Bolivia and Peru.

Copana grows to about 3,800 meters high, in dry, sun, rocks. Is Native to South America in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. It is a fleshy plant with cylindrical stems with thorns important green. The flowers of this medicinal plant are yellow.

It is a plant used as an ornamental. Cumulopuntia Boliviana has medicinal diuretic, digestive, lithotripsy, cholagogue, and liver. This herb is used medicinally for: jaundice, heartburn, colic, liver, toothache, swelling, cirrhosis, rheumatism, gastroenteritis, liver problems and headaches resulting from muscle strain.

Recipes from this herb:

Cooking: leaves and tender stems of colorful, 20 grams. per liter of water. It should drink three or four cups a day.

Tincture: 200 d.c. prepares of alcohol at 60 and 40 gr. of the herb (leaves and tender stems). Take 3 or 4 tablespoons per day dissolved in a glass of warm water or tea of your choice (tea for example).