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How to Control Diabetes with Smartphone Apps?

Diabetes is a health abnormalities attributed to excessive blood glucose level; this impairment has to do with secretion of a hormone called insulin which is in charge of the control of blood sugar level.

During treatment of diabetic patients, physicians do recommend certain diet intake to complement the workability of the therapy.

We are in the jet age where modern day technology is being utilized to help us manage almost anything, and part of the birth of technology is the smartphone that goes with us anywhere, even to the toilet. Apps developers develop a lot of apps that could help our daily healthy living.

Diabetes is accounted as one of the world most popular disease, there are some apps that has been developed to help individual with or without diabetes to control the blood sugar level. I tag these apps smartphone apps for diabetics, below are top 10 smartphone apps for diabetics.

Diabetes Pilot

This app is available for the iOS platform, users of iPhone, iPod and iPad can access an authored product by Diabetics.

This is one of the smartphone apps for diabetics that is flexible and easy in its usage, some features that is packed on this app includes; tracks blood pressure, record meals and exercise, record blood sugar measurements, records medication, and other results gotten from the lab.

It also has a food database that is of assistant on the go. It can calculate insulin dosages accurately. The overall function monitors your progress and timely gives you a report. It goes for $24.99 in the app store.


Also for the iOS; iPhone, iPad and iPod. Authored by Presto, Keynote and Jazz, makers of Glucose Monitors. The features on this great team of the smartphone apps for diabetics includes;

Chart of glucose trend for 90 days, tutorials videos on diabetics and management, blood sugar goal setting features, meal, meal schedules, medication and activity management, log book with coded color to identify highs and lows, and enabled with email features to send record to health professionals.

It is provided free for download, but it lacks food database, and unable to track calories as well as monitoring other nutrients.

Glucose Buddy

One of the great smartphone apps for diabetics made for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod, it is number ranked on iTunes, for this category.

Developed by Tudiabetes.com, the features it offers includes; food, interactive forum to discuss diabetics issues, medication and exercise logs, and can sync with desktop to display graphs and charts to understand the health trend easily. It is free to download.


Made by Merek Drug Company, for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. A part of the wonderful smartphone apps for diabetics featuring; glucose, weight, exercise, food, food database with restaurant meals, help article and tips, blood pressure, and help with diabetes management.

It is also packed with the feature to email record and progress information to health professionals. It was free when it came, but it’s like it now goes for $1.99.

OnTrack Diabetes

This is one of the few smartphone apps for diabetics that are available for Android devices (phones and tablets). The author dwell on these major features for its function; Body fat, Graph and log of blood sugar level, exercise, food intake, blood pressure, pulse medications and A1c.

You can also make personal notes as well as exporting your progress information to medical professionals. It also packs reminder alarm for food, medications exercise etc. It is offer free in the Play store.

Log for Life

It functions based on the name given, it is an iPhone, iPad and iPod app. User is able to log blood sugars, carbs, exercise, weight and medications. More features includes; PDF printing of reports for exporting to medical professionals. It has a free trial for 30 days, after which you will enter a monthly subscription of $9.

Lose it

Although this app majors on weight loss, but can also be used for diabetes control, it is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can set food and exercise plans to help you along.

Some features it offers includes; food database, recipe setup, nutrients track (calories, fat, protein and carbs), recognition of progress, sharing of result on Facebook and Twitter, daily/weekly email reports, meal customization.

This is one of the outstanding smartphone apps for diabetics, as it doesn’t require internet connection to function. It is free, and 85% of active users experience weight loss. This app is also available for Android users Find is on Play Store

Calorie Counter by NetDiary

This app is made for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod. One of the best user friendly and quality app for this purpose.

Possesses a food database of over 400k with great features like; customization of food and recipes, food analysis, over 500 varieties of exercise and activities, goal setting and target planning for your weight and calories, access to online community on MyNetDiary.com supported by registered diet practitioners with high resource articles on guide and help for diabetics.

The app is free, but upgrading to MyNetDiary full access will cost $5 each month.

iBGStar Diabetes Manager App and Glucose Meter

This is the one of the smartphone apps for diabetics that feature high innovation with latest technology and data management. Users are able to check their blood sugar via the plug-in meter, as well as storing, viewing, and tracking blood sugars.

Other features it offers includes; ability to associate your blood sugar with a specific meal, tracks nutrients (carbs, calories, blood sugar trend chart, statistics, logbook and enabled sharing of reports with your doctor).

This app awaits FDA clearance before going commercial, since it is strictly a medical tool, will cost around $80 along with the meter. Download from the App store for free

My Fitness Pal

This is one of the greatest smartphone apps for diabetics that are multiplatform, available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. Its food database is numbered over 1,500 and most likely this app has the largest.

Other features includes; Work without connection, recipe calculator, more than 350 exercise attributed with sweat tracking, tracks all nutrients (calories, protein, fat, fiber etc.), goal customization for result achievement is also available, timely detailed reports for progress tracking, social media sharing, also backed by a large community online – myfitnesspal.com with millions of dieters. It is free of cost.

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