A constant headache can make it hard to function on the daily activities in life. They can be so severe that they make you feel sick, and they can keep you in bed all day, preventing you from enjoying time with family and friends. There are some ways that you can relieve the pain of headaches while determining what might cause them.
Constant Headache

Dark Rooms

When you feel that you have a headache coming on, lay down in a dark room. Some headaches are caused by too much light, so this is a way for the body to get balanced. Try to get the room as dark as possible, and avoid any flashing lights that might be in the room.


Vision problems are often a common culprit of constant headaches, say the experts at Optometrists Clinic Inc. Make an appointment with an optometrist to see if you need glasses, and if you do, wear them as prescribed. You might only need them to read, but it will help relieve some of the tension that you experience.

Pressure Points

There are pressure points on the head that can relieve the pain that you feel. These are often on the temples. Gently massage these points in a circular motion until the pain starts to go away. You can also try massaging the back of the neck to relieve any tension that is built in the muscles, which can cause headaches.


If you drink a lot of soda, your body might be dehydrated. Increase the amount of water you consume during the day so that your body is hydrated. When you drink more water, you will rid the body of any toxins that might cause headaches in the first place.


You might think that sleep is a good thing. However, if you get too much sleep, it can cause headaches to develop during the day. Try to set a schedule so that you go to bed and get up at the same time each day.

Warm Showers

A soothing, warm shower can decrease some of the tension that you feel. It can relax the muscles in the body so that the pain goes away. If you have severe headaches, then try soaking in a hot bath with oils like lavender.

There are many solutions to relieving the pain of headaches, but in order to completely get rid of them, you need to find out why you have them. If necessary, visit your doctor so that they can run tests to see if there is anything wrong.