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10 Most Common Phobias You Probably Did Not Know

It is very common for an adult to suffer from a phobia. There are 19 million adults in the United States alone that some form of a phobia.


Phobias are very common and there are some common things that people tend to be afraid of. These are some of the most common phobias that terrify people.


This is the fear of a spider. One in three women and one in four men are terrified of spiders. Just the site of a spider can trigger a panic response.

Out of the 35,000 different types of spiders only around 12 are actually dangerous. One reason why people may be afraid of spiders is that they know how to injure other creatures.


This is a fear of snakes. Some people are afraid of snakes because they are poisonous. Most people that are afraid of snakes often had no previous contact with this creature. Some people may be afraid of snakes because they are afraid of the spread of some kind of contamination.


This is the fear of heights. Around 23 million people are afraid of high places. People with this fear actively try to avoid bridges and tall buildings. This can be because as human evolved, they had a fear of high places because they are dangerous.

If a person has a serious problem with heights, they may go into a panic attack if they have to be somewhere up high.


While it is common for most people to be nervous before flying there are 8 million people that have a fear of it. One in three people is afraid to fly to some degree.

If a person is going to fly, they have begun to tremble and their heart rate increases. People with this fear try to avoid flying when possible. With some behavior therapy, this phobia can decrease in intensity.


This is a fear of dogs. People that suffer from this phobia often have a traumatic experience in the past with dogs such as being bitten. This fear is rather common.


People with a fear of dogs will look for treatment to help them overcome this fear. While a person may be nervous around a dog, they do not know the fear can interfere with normal life functions.

For example, a person may not want to go for a walk for the fear of walking by a dog along the way. A person will often take measures to avoid coming in contact with dogs.


This is the fear of both thunder and lightning. People with this may become panicked when they have heard that a thunderstorm is coming.

When a person knows of a storm, they may have an increased heart rate and will begin to breathe heavily. When there is a storm a person may need to find a place to hide in their home and they may seek cover in their beds.

People with this fear spend a great deal of time checking the weather and tracking storms. They may not want to leave their homes even if there is a slight chance of a storm in the forecast.


This is a fear of getting an injection. This can cause a person to avoid going to the doctor or having a needed medical treatment. This fear is often untreated since a person will avoid the doctor.

As much as 10 percent of the adult population may suffer from this phobia. In a person has to have an injection they may have a feeling of dread and their heart rate often increases.

Some people may even pass out when they are given the injection. An injection may trigger such an intense feeling of fear a person will often avoid any type of medical professional even if they have an illness that requires medical attention.

Social Phobia

This is also known as having a social anxiety disorder. Social phobias can have a big impact on a person’s quality of life. They will often avoid social events and going out in public in a big crowd because it can lead to a panic attack.

People with this fear may also dread being humiliated in the form of other people. Doing normal tasks such as eating in a public place can lead to anxiety.


According to the American Psychiatric Association often develops at puberty and can follow a person into adulthood. One of the most common forms of social phobia is speaking in front of people. Some people can even have a panic attack when forced to speak in front of others.


This is a fear of being alone or being in a place that may be difficult to escape from. A person may have a fear of crowded places and may even have a panic attack.

Some people may even become afraid to go out of their homes. This can develop in the later part of adolescence into a person’s 30s.

Two-thirds of people that suffer from this condition are women. They will have a panic attack and they will even have an attack thinking of a situation where this can they may not be able to get out of.


This is a fear of germs and dirt. People with this fear need to clean everything they come in contact and may wash their hands after touching anything. They may even avoid some situations where they may come in contact with dirt.

This can lead to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. People with this condition will not teach others even to offer a handshake. They often follow the news to be aware of health outbreaks. People may also be afraid to go to the doctor’s office as these places are often dirty.

Phobias are common but there is help for them. A person can get professional treatment to help develop a plan to get over their fear. Many people benefit from exposure therapy.

If they need to face their fear a little at a time, they can eventually learn how to cope with the things that they are afraid of.

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