Common Eyes Diseases: Their Causes and Possible Remedies


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Eyes are one of the most important human organs. It is an incredible gift of God, through which you can see the wonderful world.


To keep your eyes healthy and vision clear, you must be aware of the common eye diseases. Read onto to know more about diseases associated with this organ.

1. Cataract


In this disease, the transparent eye lens becomes yellowish in color. This prevents light from entering into your eyes. People suffering from cataract, have blurred, hazy and cloudy vision. If it is not treated in the initial stage, the transparent lens will become opaque, which will result into vision loss.


The probability of such problem increases with human age. Older people are more prone to it. Studies show that smoking and diabetes can cause this problem


To reduce the chances of occurrence of cataract, one should include vitamin C, D and E rich food in their diet. Carotenoid lutein also helps in slowing down the process

2. Night blindness

Night blindness

In this medical problem, patient is unable to see in dim light or at night. The disease is commonly seen in the people from underdeveloped countries.


Deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to night blindness


In order to get rid of night blindness, one must have lots of Vitamin A rich food every day. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in human body. Thus, food rich in beta carotene will keep you away from common eye diseases.

One must also include carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, papaya, and green leafy vegetables as beta carotene source. Other than these, dairy products, butter margarine, and organ meat are also good source of vitamin A.

3. Glaucoma


In this disease, the optic nerves slowly degrade, which leads to permanent blindness. Patient experiences extreme pain in eyes, blurry vision, reddening of eyes, and sudden appearances of disturbance in vision.


When the intraocular pressure increases it can cause damage to the optic nerve. The process is slow, and it is not generally felt in the initial stage. It is normally detected at a very critical stage.


The simple treatment for glaucoma is reducing the pressure arising in optic nerves.

4. Conjunctivitis


Inflammation of thin transparent layer in front of our eyes leads to conjunctivitis. Along with the transparent layer, eye balls and underside of eye lid also swells up. It is a disease which is contagious, which means that it could spread from one person to another.


It may occur due to any allergic reaction or any viral infection.


To stay away from eye conjunctivitis, you must not come in contact with person infected the same.

To stay away from all types of common eye diseases, you could eat a healthy diet. Include lots of carrots, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, fatty fish broccoli and dairy products.

Sea food, meat, poultry, beans for zinc and leafy greens, pepper, corns, peas for zeaxanthin and leutin are also must in your daily diet.

Author’s Bio:

Stephon White is a popular pharmacist and he normally writes about things that people need to consider before buying any medications online. Through his posts he recommends the readers to buy their prescribed medicines from pharm4all website.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.

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