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Christmas Themed Sex Positions You Should Try Right Now

So, all we hear about the season is that it a season of love, it’s a season where family and friends come together to share some laughs and maybe dinner. However, there is so much more to this season then giving and receiving presents.

You could make it a special time for you and your significant other by spicing things up with some christmas themed sex positions.

You didn’t know that was a thing? Well, now you know it’s an actual thing and this article is designed to help you explore the numerous sex positions that are available for the season. You and your partner are about to make your christmas filled with songs like “deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa lala lala lala lala” in the bedroom or on the kitchen table.

Santa lap dance

I know I said this article was about christmas sex positions but come on, who doesn’t like roleplay or foreplay before the real deal? put on a santa costume and give your lover a slow santa lap dance.

There is nothing more erotic than having your backside pop from beneath your skimpy Santa dress each time you bend to touch your toes. Ensure to wear a g-string beneath or nothing at all, so that the feeling of your skin against his penis or short would have him aroused and ready to pounce on you.

The sleigh ride

There is no way santa is coming to town without eastleigh and in this case you have to be the slave while your partner plays santa. To enjoy the sex position lie down face down on the bed with your legs closed together straight, and slightly raise your hips.

This position makes your vagina feel tighter as your partner insert his penis, and also your raised hips make the movement easy for him.

The Mrs Saint Nick position

OK so you might want to argue that santa claus never had in mrs but who says you can’t change history but being the very first mrs st nick riding on top of santa claus himself this position allows you to call the shots so get ready and pack enough energy with you as you sit on his penis and take charge.

To enjoy this position, all you have to do is assume the lady on top sex position that you’re already used to. Have your partner lie down with his back on the bed, kneel over him and gently sit on his penis.

He can support you with his hands on your butt or on your hips and he can also meet you halfway with every thrust. The beauty of this position is you can easily reach the big “O” and he can take things at your pace.

The mistletoes move

What is christmas without the mistletoe and who says the mistletoe cannot find its way into your sex activities all you have to do is go with your partner under that beautiful green thing in your doorway.

This position is one position that is very easy to engage in. All you have to do is stand on one foot facing your man, and wrap your other legs around his waist. Make sure that he supports you with his hands beneath your backside as he thrust back and forth.

The reindeer move

First you were the sleigh, and now you have to be the reindeer. I mean it’s christmas, who doesn’t want to be taken for a ride to orgasm ville? You may not know this, but reindeers are also animals that love sex so it wouldn’t hurt for you to do things reindeer style.

To engage in your activity using this position, all you have to do is assume the normal doggy style position and get things going.

Simply put, get on all fours and have your partner kneel behind you giving him access to your vagina from behind. This position is a very enjoyable one and I must confess it is my all time favourite.

The Elf on the shelf position

Santa is a hard worker, but even at that he has lots and lots of helpers. You know who these little buddies with long ears are right?

They are the elves. Now Santa’s helper has decided to do some work on your vagina with his mysterious moves, and trust me he is taking you places you’ve never been before.

I must one that this position requires flexibility on the part of the lady so if your not flexible engage in some exercises that would help you pull this position off just right.

to engage in this position lie down on your back and raise your legs high into the air then them so that both ankles are positioned on either sides of your head. This will allow your partner to squat and insert his penis into your vagina.

The under my tree sex position

Christmas isn’t complete without the christmas tree and we know this. We know you’ve been the sleigh and you’ve been the reindeer. But for once, you’re going to be the christmas tree and he’s going to light you up with his tongue.

this is an oral sex position so get ready for as much stimulation as possible to engage in this position have your man lie down on his back and straddle him with both your knees at either sides of his ears bend low so that his tongue is directly on your vagina and hold on to the wall for balance.

You can decide to allow your man do all the work or you can ask him to leave his tongue in a front position while you wiggle your waist and control the movement.

Santa’s help

Whoever came up with the saying that this is the most wonderful time of the year sure knew what he was saying. Because of what santas helper is about to do to you with his mouth, your days will be everything merry and bright.

To engage in this position, get a chair and sit with your legs wide open. Have your man go on his knees in front of you and put his head in-between your thighs. He can control the feeling you get as he sucks your vagina and you can also tell him just how you like it done.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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