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Chores Can Be Fun

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We all want our kids to do their household chores. They learn valuable life lessons like responsibility, self-esteem, and how to work well with others. We also know what a struggle it can be to get them to do chores.

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Sometimes it seems easier to do them ourselves instead of constantly nagging or listening to them whine and complain about it.

Honestly, I’m not that crazy about doing something called a chore either. Working at a job is one thing, but the word chore makes me think of something boring and unpleasant.

Why would kids think any different? So I finally figured out a way to make chores fun. Where’s it written that responsibility can’t be fun? Chores now are all about games.

We start with the pre-game ritual with a hearty breakfast. Then we move on to gathering the proper equipment. I give a short pep talk, “Do your best, give 100%, and remember together everyone achieves more. That makes us a TEAM. Now let’s go out there and get this done.”

These are some things that work for my family. They may work for yours too.

Basketball Laundry

Keep score while tossing dirty clothes into the hamper. No need to dribble. The player with the lowest score has to pick up all clothes from missed shots and place them into the hamper.

Vacuum Obstacle Course

Place chairs or a tall object that can’t be sucked up into the vacuum around the room. Have kids vacuum around the obstacles and then rearrange them so the entire room gets done.

Read Up Relay

In the area I live read up is the same as saying clean up. The first person picks up any object that’s been left where it doesn’t belong and passes it off to the next until it reaches the last person who puts it in it’s proper place. This is a great way to clear a room of clutter and get the trash into the bin.

Half-time Show

Crank up the music, grab a broom, and do your best dance routine while sweeping the floors.

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100 Yard Trash Dash

The distance between your house and where you need to put the trash out for the garbageman may not be 100 yards, but the idea is to have your kids get it out there as quickly as possible in a safe and careful manner. You can keep track of their time and challenge them to beat it next time.

Eat My Dust

This is simply a race to see who can get the most dusting finished correctly in the shortest amount of time. My kids seem to be more willing to do this when it’s called “Eat my dust.”

Post-game Wrap Up

As we put all our cleaning supplies away we exchange high-fives and thank each other for a good game and a job well done.

I realize that these are all sports related, but if that’s not your thing, you can still come up with our own games to make doing chores fun.

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