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Wearing the right dress can make us women feel more beautiful and more energetic. Most women may have some things they would like to change in their bodies.

However, choosing the right pleasurable dress is also a great chance to celebrate the body you’re currently in. There are myths that you have to know when it comes to our bodies.

First, there is no such rule as the perfect size. Second, there is no perfect body. Most women complain about their bodies because of the unending challenge in looking for clothes that fits or the continuous comparison with other women.

To overcome this dilemma, it is important to love and accept your body and learn how to choose the right dress for your body.

Pear-Shaped Body

You’ll know when your body is pear-shaped when you always wear a different size on the bottom that on top. Women with pear-shaped body or with full hips and thighs, it is recommended to have dresses that are not shorter than an inch or two above the knee. Look for a dress with A-line skirt and not something that is too full.

You can add width to your top with bright bold colors or horizontal stripes and keep the bottom in dark colors. It is also better to use two pieces dress that one piece.

Apple-Shaped Body

If your body is shaped like an apple with a thick middle, it would look much better to have longer dresses in order to draw attention away from your waist. Look for a dress with a drop waist to re-define the waist line. Do not use thick belts in your midsection and choose a chain instead.

You can also put the emphasis on your shoulders by making an illusion of more width on them which can make your waist appear smaller. You can use a structured jacket to emphasize the shoulders or get dresses that are covering the shoulders.

Avoid wearing sleeveless dresses and choose billowy or bell sleeves instead.

Small Bust

If you weren’t gifted with full breasts, it is important to avoid dresses with deep plunging necklines. You can choose dresses with a scoop or bandeau neck with many designs on top. You can also add layered necklaces to add more element and deepness to your bust.

You can also draw the attention away from your breast by balancing out the smaller lower body. Look for a dress with A-line skirt which falls one to two inches above the knees.

Slim or Thin

Knit dresses or sweater dresses are great options for slim and thin women. You can also add more layers to your dress by wearing a fitted jacket or cardigan to add more bulk.

You can also use a thick belt to define your waist. To have more appearance of your lower body, you can also wear bubble tresses which are very popular today.

For slim women who lack curves or has the body of an athlete, it is recommended to add more curves with peplums dresses or with ruffles.

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are great for almost everyone. This dress hangs straight from the shoulders and it skims the body excellently without clinging. The common shift dress has straight skirt but there are many stylish shift dresses with A-line cut.

No matter what your body type is, there are always beautiful dresses that would make you look more stunning. Knowing your body type can help you choose the right clothes for your body.

You can also save a lot of shopping time deciding which one to buy. What’s important is that you love yourself.