Centella Asiatica: Uses and Health Benefits

Family of medicinal plant Apiaceae

Centella asiatica is a medicinal plant native to subtropical areas of Asia: India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Malaysia. It is one of the medicinal plants belonging to the family Apiaceae.

This medicinal plant can be found under other names such as Indian Pennywort, Gotu. Its scientific name is Centella asiatica, although it may be synonymous with the call: Hydrocotyl asiatica L.

It is highly effective in the prevention of cellulite, stimulates the elimination of liquids. Part of this medicinal plant used for medicinal purposes are the leaves.


The composition of this highlights the medicinal plant saponins content triterpenic (Asiatic, FLASH, Bram and braminósido), sugars (madecacósido), essential oils and tannins. Gotu is a perennial plant, herbaceous, and usually grows in damp areas.

Indian Pennywort is the thin stems, rounded leaves are green and soft to the touch, and they make glasses. The flowers of these medicinal plants are pink to red, in small and rounded, tail and hermaphrodite.


The Indian Pennywort besides its medicinal propieties, can be eaten in salads. It is also one of the medicinal plants effective in problems of hypertension. This plant has healing properties and is used externally to treat sores, wounds and burns.

In cosmetics (gels, creams, soaps) is a widely used medicinal plants, helping to combat cellulite, promote the circulation and to help with problems of varicose veins. Cellulite primarily affects women, which are changes in the dermal connective tissue, appearing in the circulation and alterations in fat cells.

Recipes from this medicinal plant:


Infusion: An infusion is prepared with a teaspoon of Centella asiatica leaves in 200 ml. water. We recommend 3 cups per day.

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