Celery Juice Facts You Should Know


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Celery juice has become famous as a healthy drink especially because it has been discovered to provide some weight loss benefits, improve the appearance of your skin, and even boost your energy during exercise.


However, celery juice nutrition varies to a large extent depending on the ingredients you add to your drink. A bulk of the celery juice recipes and products that you’ll find in stores contain more than mere celery.

Carbs container in celery juice

The calories in celery juice derived from carbohydrates almost entirely. However, the number of carbs in your celery juice will be determined by the brand you buy or buy the recipe you used in making it. Many tons of celery juice that are commercially available are usually a combination of different juices.

For instance, many of the celery juice brands that are available online contain other choices like cucumber, apple, spinach, cilantro, lime and even lemons. Most of these other fruits that are added to the celery juice serve the purpose of making it sweet because if the juice is made up of only selling it would have a bland or bitter taste.

If you’re wondering where the carbohydrate in celery juice or celery juice brands come from well, they come from naturally occurring sugars. One cup of celery juice contains a total of 6 grams of sugar.

If we were to compare, you could get 2 grams of sugar from one cup of raw celery according to the USDA, and that is little compared to what you get from the juice. The reason for this is that you would need several cups of celery to make one cup of celery juice and that means your intake of sugar will be higher when you consume the juice.

Another benefit you will derive from drinking celery juice is fibres. Fibres are important for digestion, and it is only proper that we get as much of it as we can. Nonetheless, the amount of fibre in a celery juice will depend on how the juice itself is made.

One cup of celery juice should provide you with around 4 grams of fibre. However many juicing machines eliminate the pulp from vegetables and fruits to make drinks and juices. To enjoy the fibres from your celery juice, you have to target that thick part of the drink because that’s where you can find the fibres.

If you’re wondering what the glycemic index of celery is then you might be interested to know that it is 0 even when it is raw. The glycemic load of any food takes into account the serving size of that particular food or beverage and gives an estimate of the impact of the food on your blood sugar using the serving size. The glycemic load for celery juice is always higher than that of raw celery because of the removal of the pulp or fibres.

Fats contain in celery juice

Neither raw celery nor celery juice includes any form of fat. Even if you buy your celery juice from the store, it still will not provide you with fats because the fruits and vegetables that it will be mixed with do not contain fat.

Protein in celery juice

Whether you decide to make your celery juice at home or get from the store, there is still a chance that you may benefit up to 2 grams of protein from a single serving.

Micronutrients in celery juice

Raw celery is home to lots of vitamins and minerals so it is expected that celery juice should be able to provide you with micronutrients. If the celery juice you are drinking was bought from the store, then there is a higher chance of you benefiting from other vitamins and minerals gotten from the fruits that were added to the blend. A single serving of celery juice should give you as much as 99% of your RDI of vitamin k. This vitamin is a fat-soluble one that works with your body’s blood clotting functions.

Other micronutrients you will benefit include vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin a, and riboflavin.
The essential minerals that are contained in celery juice include potassium, calcium and even provides a minimal amount of phosphorus iron copper and magnesium.

If there is anything that you have learnt so far, it is that staying healthy is a lot cheaper than getting treatment so why not take your time to try some celery juice and enjoy it’s health benefits? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by leaving a comment below.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.

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