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CBD: What Is It and Does It Work?

There’s no shortage of advertising when it comes to CBD. You’ll see ads on billboards, social media, street corners, and webpages. Those who have used it can’t stop talking about it, and new dispensaries like Penguin CBD are popping up online or in your city. When you read CBD oil reviews, it seems to be a great product.

There’s also plenty of misinformation out there. Those who don’t know much about the product say that it’s the same as marijuana, it will get you high, and it’s bad for communities. It’s hard to know what to believe.

It’s time to get the facts. This article will explore exactly what CBD is, how it affects the average person, and how it can effectively solve many health and wellness problems.

CBD Defined

CBD is a nickname for cannabidiol. It’s one of more than 400 chemicals extracted from the hemp plant and is used for medicinal purposed. It’s by no means a recreational drug, and those who use it do so for the treatment of specific ailments.

CBD is extracted from hemp using a heat and pressure refining process. It can be processed purely so that there’s nothing in the supplement except CBD. It can also be combined with other chemicals found in the cannabis plant, each with their own medicinal purposes.

CBD can be sold legally in the United States if it’s comprised of less than 0.3 percent THC. Some strains of CBD have higher levels of THC, and it’s only legal to purchase this in states where cannabis products are legal, such as California or Colorado.

THC is the psychoactive drug used in marijuana to create a high. Without it, you cannot get high on CBD. It’s important to know the type of CBD you’re buying because the THC content is not always clearly advertised.

CBD Myths Debunked

Social acceptance of CBD is growing rapidly, but there remain many misconceptions about the supplement. Here are some of the most common myths you may have heard about CBD and their actual truths:

Myth: CBD is marijuana.

Fact: Although both substances are derived from the hemp plant, CBD cannot be considered marijuana. It treats a few similar conditions, but it lacks the mood-altering, psychoactive properties that get you high.

Myth: CBD is dangerous.

Fact: CBD is perfectly safe for everyone, even children. Although it’s legally sold in the United States to those over the age of 21, children with epilepsy are often prescribed a CBD-based drug called Epidolex to reduce their seizures. The side effects are minimal.

Myth: CBD is just a fad.

Fact: CBD has gained amazing popularity over the last few years, but it’s far from a fad. Its popularity will continue to flourish as more and more people become aware of its benefits.

CBD Does Work. Here’s How


The biggest hurdle in the CBD industry is the lack of scientific research to support its effects. The research is still in its infancy, but studies on animals and a few select trials on humans have shown positive results in treating certain symptoms.

The study of cannabis on humans has been prohibited for so long that researchers are just now beginning to understand some of its many benefits.

Anecdotal research, on the other hand, has been overwhelmingly positive in supporting CBD’s many uses for treating certain medical conditions. For example, in cases of anxiety patients who were prescribed prescription medications, more than half decided to throw out their prescriptions in favor of using CBD to treat their anxiety.

Based on existing research, we know that CBD works alongside your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This is a system that focuses on regulating hormones and neurotransmitters to promote homeostasis in the body. It inhibits certain receptors associated with negative emotions or symptoms like anxiety, stress, pain, depressive thoughts, and more.

As you can see, CBD is a naturally-occurring substance that works with your body, not against it. It’s like any other supplement that you would use to boost your health and well-being, but with more noticeable effects.

Conditions CBD Helps

Now that you know that CBD does, in fact, work, you should know all the many conditions that it can help to treat. Here’s a list of some of the most common uses of CBD.

Anxiety Relief

CBD’s most prominent quality is its ability to make a person feel calm and collected, even in the face of great stress. Those who suffer from anxiety often know that it can be debilitating, especially if you have social anxiety at work.

CBD inhibits neurotransmitters associated with sending anxious signals. It essentially shuts those emotions down so that you can enjoy regular activities with much-reduced anxiety. Most CBD users with anxiety keep gummies or oil with them at all times to nip anxiety in the bud.

Pain Reduction

Sufferers from chronic pain also enjoy the relief CBD brings. It dulls pain and reduces inflammation so that users can sleep and get back to their necessary activities without excessive pain.

It’s commonly used by those with long-term illnesses as a pain reliever. For example, cancer patients often use CBD during treatments to numb the pain. It’s a great alternative to addictive painkillers.

Better Sleep

Whether you’re one of about 70 million people who suffer from a sleep disorder or your mind races uncontrollably at night, preventing you from falling asleep, CBD can be the solution. It’s a better sleep aid than sleeping pills because it helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake feeling rested and non-drowsy.

Clearer Skin

Say goodbye to pesky pimples and deep wrinkles when you use CBD creams and oils on your skin. CBD interacts with cannabinoids in your skin to smooth it out, reduce oil production, and stop excessive sebum production. It’s like a miracle cream for acne sufferers!

Additionally, CBD chases away free radicals that are known to cause skin cancer. It’s not as good as putting on sunscreen, but it can help as an after-sun, cancer-prevention treatment.

Cancer Prevention

Along with preventing free radicals associated with skin cancer, CBD may be an effective cancer prevention measure for any type of cancer.

It could also help to treat cancer in the early stages. In studies on rats with cancer, the rodents that received CBD treatments had a reduction in cancerous cells. The cancer cells began destroying themselves. There are no clinical trials yet, but it’s a promising start in cancer research. It’s just one of many wonderful benefits of CBD.

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