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Cashews Health Benefits and Nutrition Fact

Cashews have lower fat content approximately 75% of their fat is unsaturated fatty acids content is oleic acid. Increase OA intake reduces your blood triglyceride and low-density lipoproteins (LDL). It also elevates your high-density lipoproteins (HDL) concentration.

This combined action significantly improves your blood lipid profile and lowers your risks of plaque formation and heart disease.

Healthy Bone

Cashews are rich in magnesium and copper. Copper plays a vital role in a wide range of physiological processes which includes iron utilization, development of bone and collective tissue, elimination of free radicals.

Magnesium in the other hand is vital for building healthy bones.

About two-thirds of magnesium balances the calcium level in our body and helps to regulate nerve and muscle tone. In nerve cells, magnesium serves as a calcium channel blocker that prevents calcium from rushing into the nerve cell. By blocking calcium entry, magnesium keeps our nerves relaxed 😎 .


Cashews work with a person’s lipid profile and provide beneficial effects on those with diabetes or risk for diabetes.

These nuts aid in reducing triglyceride levels in diabetes patients that protect them from further cholesterol and sugar related problems. Integrating frequent consumption of cashews into your diet, especially raw cashews, may lower the risk of developing a type 2 Diabetes.

Liver and Brain

Cashews are the best sources of dietary copper. This mineral help to breakdown the fat in your food. Inadequate copper intake can raise your blood triglyceride and increase your risk of fatty liver and heart disease.

Copper is involved in the production and secretion of melanin and dopamine. Without enough copper intakes might lead to a severe sun burn and chronic fatigue the agreeable fat ratio in the nut is 1:2:1 for saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, respectively.

Weight Loss

Syndromes, depression and other neurological disorders. Respectively

Weight Gain

The cashews are rich in caloric. However, consuming more than a single serving may introduce too many calories into your meal plan. Hence intake of large amount leads to weight gain in the human body.

Blood Pressure

Eating cashews in moderation in a reduced-sodium meal plan is not likely to trigger hypertension, but consuming these nuts in large quantities can make the sodium add up fast. In order to avoid blood pressure consumes less cashew nut.

Head Ache

Those who suffer from headaches and migraines, avoid cashews. These nuts contain the amino acids tyramine and phenyethyamine. However, if you have a sensitivity to these amino acids, they can also cause head pain.

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