The search for the fountain of youth reaches as far back as the ancient history itself. The market today is overflowing with beauty care products and medical breakthroughs and procedures alike. While there is no absolute formula on how to stop the skin from aging, there are absolute ways where you can achieve a flawless younger looking skin despite your age or status in life besides the use of sunscreen.

It’s Your Choice

People have the choice to use any product, take beauty pills, undergo surgical procedures, or use non-invasive skin treatment procedures similarly offered by Medica Derm. Considering that skin is the human’s largest organ, it is unbelievable how it’s the least taken cared of among men and women.

A simple washing of face and a little lotion here and there will not keep your skin’s natural glow if you expose your skin to too much radicals and UV rays from the sun.

Since you are surely interested in both beauty and style, let’s talk about some things you can do right now. Achieve great complexion by following these tips:

  • Cleanse – Don’t underestimate the power of the right cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin. Cleansing is the most basic yet very effective way to achieve your goal. Washing with water alone is ok but sometimes you needed to use a good cleanser to do it right. Use one that is perfect for your skin type, as highlighted by the label.
  • Exfoliate Gently – While a regular facial cleansing is good; you can use facial scrub to rub away dead skin cells. Your face needs but a gentle exfoliation to bring out the fresh skin. Remember to keep it gentle to prevent acne aggravation, dry, and damaged skin. A common mistake is to use an exfoliating formula that is simply too strong. Using gentle exfoliation for a longer period of time is usually a much better idea than hoping for fast results. Unfortunately, it is really easy to find strong exfoliation products on the internet at the moment. They can end up causing more damage so avoid them, unless instructed by a doctor.
  • Moisturize – All skin types need moisture after a good cleanse or scrubbing after a facial wash or shower. You just need to choose the one best suited for your skin type. Noncomedogenic products are the best since these products won’t likely clog pores. You can either use ointments or creams if you have a dry type of skin. There are also different home recipes to try. They can be really good but you have to carefully follow instructions and only consider those recipes that are recommended by people with high authority in the industry.
  • Exercise and Nutritious Diet – These two come together as one. You cannot achieve your aim for a healthy skin when you exercise but don’t eat right and vice versa. They say, you are what you eat. Go with the freshest fruits and vegetables and always keep in mind to eat a balanced diet.  A simple 30 minute brisk walk or jog can do wonders on the skin already but it’s ok if you have time and passion for a more rigorous exercise. Watch out what you eat to get the best results. These don’t only keep your skin healthy but your health as a whole, too. If necessary, discuss the topic with a nutritionist for extra advice.
  • Keep yourself Hydrated – Drinking 8 glasses of water is recommended for nothing. Your body needs water to keep the skin healthy looking. Dry skin is a result of dehydration if you have no medical skin condition. The blood flow is increased important in flushing away toxin build ups in the vessels. Wrinkles are less noticeable when skin is hydrated. Most people these days are dehydrated. You want to be sure that your body gets all the water it needs and in most situations this means a lot more than just 8 glasses of water.
  • Get the Right Amount of Sleep – Your sleep (and your position when you sleep) plays a major role for your skin rejuvenation and relaxation. It’s the only time when your skin is free from exposure to sunlight, smoke, dirt, and grime. Your facial muscles are relaxed and resting from frown and smile which etches lines on your face over time.

Skin experts recommend constant care to achieve a healthier, younger looking skin. Keep these in mind to keep your skin hydrated, soft, healthy, and younger looking. Every single aspect highlighted above is going to help you get the skin you are looking for right now.