There are many types of entry level jobs that provide experience with different aspects of the medical field. Some of these jobs require only a high school education. People who are considering going into nursing often find out whether they actually want to pursue a degree in the field by earning money and experiencing firsthand what medical jobs entail.

The following five jobs are excellent points of entry into the medical field. Most of them require only a high school education.


A phlebotomist draws blood from patients for various types of medical tests. The job description of a phlebotomist involves patient contact, and requires someone who is comfortable using needles to take blood from patients. It also requires compassion for patients who may have a fear of needles.

Unit Secretary

A unit secretary works closely with medical staff to transcribe doctors’ orders, enter sensitive data into computers, order supplies, and maintain organized patient charts. They often serve as a point of contact for patients’ families. They routinely interact with doctors and nurses. Good written and verbal communication skills are necessary to ensure patient charts contain accurate information.

Nurse’s Aid

A nurse’s aid assists nurses with meeting the routine needs of patients. The job involves a great deal of patient contact, and often includes performing tasks such as changing bed pans. Many people work as nurse’s aides while they are going to nursing school. The job provides an invaluable inside look at the reality of nursing.

Admissions Clerk

An admissions clerk assists patients with paperwork when they are being admitted into a hospital or other type of medical facility. The job requires excellent communication skills in both written and verbal forms.

Billing Specialist

A billing specialist deals with patients’ accounts. They often receive some on the job training in medical coding in order to bill patients correctly for the services rendered. This job mostly entails data entry using a computer.

A person who wants to work in any area of the medical field will find that these jobs provide a good income for an entry level worker. Hospitals will sometimes help current employees pay for continuing education. Some will even pay for nursing school in exchange for a commitment to working at the hospital for a certain number of years after graduation.

Jobs in the medical field are expected to continue growing, so there is a good deal of job security in this industry.