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Introducing Cardium: the Drug-reference Text Designed for You!

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The medical world is filled with terminologies (medical jargon to many) and things like covert prescription which have done a good job in keeping healthcare-receivers on a need-to-know basis.

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My years of Practice as a Pharmacist in both Hospitals and Pharmacies have made me realize that there is an information vacuum in drug therapy and health literacy challenges among the population in general.

Although, there are measures put in place to address this information gap such as manufacturer’s printed information(leaflet) for medications and counseling information from healthcare professionals.

But the problem is, in most cases, the patient cannot remember all the needed counseling information, the healthcare providers do not have enough time, and medication leaflet: well, not consumer-focused enough, too bulky or even scary to read.

This information gap and the level of health literacy have generated or contributed in generating a ripple effects of healthcare challenges such as treatment failure, drug resistance, self-medication, higher morbidity, poor management of Adverse-drug reaction and more…

Then I wonder, is this the best we can do?

  • Why would the drug consumers have to store all the counselling information off head?
  • Why would they have to remind themselves every time when is time to take their medications?
  • Why is the level of health literacy among the population not improving?
  • Why should old people have to struggle to remember their medication and how to use them?
  • The healthcare professionals have drug-reference text to guide them, why can’t the drug consumers have their own?

With Cardium, we set out to be the guide and protector for drug consumers by providing them with the needed complementary counseling information, demystifying drug terminologies that are relevant to them, and equip them with all the tools needed to have a unique experience in drug therapy and rational drug use. Let us show you how Cardium works…

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Cardium mobile application is an interactive consumer guide that provides drug-counseling information and health-related tools for non-medical professionals.

Cardium provides consumers of medicine with a streamlined and concise information about medicines, diseases, dosage forms, mode of administration, and other health-related information.

Counseling information

Drug counseling is a verbal or written information that the healthcare providers give the patient about their medication in order to enable them to have the desired treatment outcome in drug therapy.

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We designed a model to summarize the counseling points with its information (from verified sources) in short and direct form for the users.

We know too much information can be boring, so we made it as precise as possible with easy navigation even at the point of taking the medication for those who use the reminder feature in the application.

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Medication reminder

We know that there are a couple of mobile applications out there that perform the function of reminding the user on when to take their medication which you might even be using some of them.

For those I have seen during my research did not follow a prescription pattern drug detailing for administration and are not user-friendly enough. So, we gathered input from the available ones to give you the best, intuitive, and most user-friendly medication there is for all dosage forms.

Dosage form counseling: Dosage forms are the forms in which medicines are formulated for administration. This ranges from the popular ones like tablet, capsule, and syrup to not so common ones like suppository, mouthwash, and inhalation.

We are providing the relevant counseling information for each dosage form with images, and videos (for some) to ensure the proper use of those dosage forms. Here goes the saying “All drugs are poison, the benefit depends on the dosage.” If you don’t use your medication properly, you will not achieve the desired treatment goal and you can even harm yourself in the process.

What if you already have a medication management application and you are concerned that you may miss some features for switching to cardium? Cardium is designed to combine your drug information guide and medication management tools in one place.

So don’t worry, we got you covered with the other features you might be missing from your other similar applications such as activities, health measurement, and lifestyle reminder, trackers and management. Spoiler alert! we even added more such as First aid, Maternal health, and more…


Be the first to know when we launch and become one of our early users. click here and signup or visit https://cardium.com.ng/pre-signup-for-cardium/ to pre-sign up to benefit from the promotion we have for early signups – This offer is limited!

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Author Bio:

Lawal Abdulrazak is a pharmacist and co-founder at Cardium with years of experience practicing in hospital and community pharmacies. He is a tech enthusiast with an initiative to address health literacy and improve the quality of health through technology.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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