Chronic and long-term back pain disrupts your life. Back pain is a condition many people deal with. Low back pain affects around 80% of adults at a certain point in their lives.

The causes are various, but often people develop pain because of a muscle strain, accident, or heavy-lifting. Scoliosis, arthritis, and osteoporosis are other conditions that lead to back pain.

Depending on the case, the doctor may recommend surgery to treat the condition. But surgery isn’t always necessary because most of the conditions improve with the help of alternative treatments.

Before listing the alternative treatments that can help you treat back pain, you should know that no single solution works for everyone. This article explores the most effective non-surgical treatments for back pain.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice used to release pain. You need to see a practitioner that has experience in inserting needles into certain body points. Acupuncture is effective for various conditions that include pain.

The practitioners from LI Spine state that acupuncture is effective in restoring function and relieving pain in people who deal with back pain.

Physical therapy

Your doctor may recommend you to have physical therapy sessions to deal with pain. During these sessions, you can perform exercises and stretches your therapist recommends. Don’t do these stretches at home because a physical therapist must ensure you’re performing them correctly.

Physical therapy can help you deal with tension and strengthen your back area. Studies show that patients who perform physical therapy for low back pain are less likely to experience it later in life.

Spinal manipulation

This treatment is also known user the name of chiropractic manipulation and it involves a practitioner to use their hands to massage, adjust or stimulate your spine. The NCCIH states that numerous studies proved spinal manipulation is effective for back pain.

Don’t have spinal manipulation before your doctor approves the therapy. If you suffer from spinal cord problems, arthritis, or osteoporosis you shouldn’t have spinal manipulation because it can worsen your symptoms.

Sometimes, spinal manipulation causes side effects. The most common one is discomfort in the area for a couple of days.

Anti-inflammatory diet

What you eat influences how you feel. You already know that your diet can prevent or cause health conditions, so it’s no surprise that an anti-inflammatory diet can help you relieve back pains.

Inflammation is often connected to what you eat. Some foods, especially processed and sugary foods can accentuate inflammation symptoms. You should include in your diet vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish to lower inflammation.

You should try to remove from your diet sugar, trans fats and process foods because they can worsen your state. Stick to a healthy diet both during and after the treatment because it can help you prevent further health issues.

Even if the above alternative treatments are effective for some people, sometimes patients still need surgery to deal with back pains. If your doctor recommends it, you should listen to their piece of advice.