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Can You Protect Yourself Against Signs of Aging?

A few more years, a few more wrinkles. Are signs of aging inevitable? Or are there ways to keep the march of time from showing on your face and overall appearance?

The promise of an answer to this question has garnered the beauty industry billions of dollars. One report notes that Americans spent $16 billion last year on plastic surgery treatments.
But for those of us who need a more affordable example to follow, is there hope?

Certainly. Here we discuss actions you can take to prevent the worst signs of aging. The following are areas that need the most protection, focus, and care to keep you looking as young as you feel.

Oral hygiene, teeth and gum health, and your smile

The enamel of your teeth will wear away over time, thus making you more prone to staining your pearly whites. Therefore, keeping up with your whitening appointments is a must.

Additionally, as you age, you will want to be vigilant against the spread of gum disease and cavities. Both of which can mean teeth loss. Caring for the health of your mouth means looking into options that will last you over the long term. For example, common bone grafting procedures before getting a dental implant.

Do your part to maintain your smile’s natural beauty. The more you invest in your mouth, the more you will pay attention to other aspects of yourself that could use a tune-up. Let’s face the facts. Often the largest culprit of aging is lethargy and letting oneself go.

The state of your skin

Your skin is one of the first places that show signs of age. Additionally, it is also one of the best ways to look younger than your years.

As we age, our skin shows the years through wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines around the corners of our eyes and mouths. Many turn to expensive foundations, BB creams, CC creams, and more to mask the damage. But covering up does not really do anything for the health of your skin. If you want to prevent further aging, you will need to dig a bit deeper into your beauty routine.

In fact, step away from your bathroom mirror and head for your kitchen as the first move toward healthier skin. How much alcohol and sugar are in your house? These two are responsible for looking older than you could look if you went without. If you want a chance at youthful-looking skin for as long as possible, cut back on the alcohol and the sugar.

Next, get serious about protection from the sun. Some beauty experts advise wearing sunscreen even indoors, as UV rays can penetrate window glass. If you do not sit next to a window while you work, you may not need to go that far.

But there is something to be said about establishing an ironclad sunscreen habit. Sleep, exercise, and eating a well-balanced diet all play a role, too. So there is a lot more that goes into the health and appearance of your skin than what you might find in beauty aisles.

Weight gain and one’s overall fitness

Never got around to losing that extra bit of weight you put on over the holidays? Or perhaps a few years have passed, and your scale makes it clear you have not kept any of your New Year’s resolutions to lose the extra pounds?

A study by McGill University linked being overweight as a marker for a shortened lifespan. They note that individuals who are obese often have illnesses and conditions that reduce their life expectancy.
Aside from living longer, packing on the pounds can lead to a lethargic view of self-care in general. Our bodies require physical activity to continue to function properly. Exercise stimulates muscles and keeps the mind active. But for those of us who need a little more incentive, exercise even makes our cells appear younger and keeps our DNA young.

Apart from keeping you looking 20 years younger, exercise also helps you feel better about yourself. It will decrease your chances of feeling down and depressed. Your muscles and bones will be stronger, which will help prevent falls. Something we become increasingly prone to as the years pass.

Don’t only focus on aerobic activities, however. Look to build muscle, as well. Experts suggest that those over 30 begin a muscle building program to make up for natural muscle loss that begins once the 20s are over.

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