Our eyes are surrounded by six muscles and these form an integral part in how we perceive or visualize an object. If over a period of time the eyes have been allowed to perform only within the boundaries of certain limits drawn out by the user then it becomes weak and the images that it perceives becomes blurred.

Hence, there is a strong relationship in how we see an object and how our mind processes them as has been detailed in Dr Bates methods.

It has also been understood that the more we rely on glasses the more our vision becomes transfixed to a certain area of focus and this in turn distorts the natural ability of the eye to see. You may therefore do some eye exercises to improve your vision.

Exercising the Eye Muscles

Eye exercises usually mean exercising the eye muscles. It is seen that our eye have six muscles and these are the superior oblique that controls the downward and outward movement, the superior rectus that control the upward movement, lateral rectus that control outward movement, medial rectus that control inward movement, inferior rectus that controls the downward movement and the inferior oblique that controls the upward and the outward movement.

In other words, all these muscles simultaneously act together to nourish and keep your eyes in good shape for natural eyesight improvement. If one of these or more than one muscle fails to perform optimally then your eyes appear to have blurred images of objects. Naturally, the eye muscles perform best when there is ample oxygen, nutrients and energy flowing into it.

One of the basic methods is the palming technique and this is mainly done by covering both your closed eyes with your hands for a few minutes. No light is allowed to filter in and there should be pressure on the eyeballs. You may then observe the swings of your surroundings and this may be done by swaying your body from right to left and back for a few minutes.

You may use techniques for capturing the ‘clear flashes’ and initially there may be pain yet with periodic rest your eye will be able to prolong them and your vision would enhance.

Other methods

There are different methods and some are quite natural yet the new generation takes it for granted. As such the idea of seeing things by focusing on the details like the colors, shapes, darkness, light are never carried out and the mind doesn’t register them properly. You may find some surprising improvement by just looking at sunlight in your surroundings.

Practicing without the help of glasses and reducing their power while trying to read a letter or perceive an image helps immensely. These are some of the proven techniques so as to improve eyesight naturally using eye exercises and they have yielded good results for those who follow it regularly.

You may also try reading smaller letters from an eye chart some 20 feet away without your glasses and then slowly relax and then try reading even the smallest.