A shocking quarter of American adults admit they don’t know how to cook. More money is being spent on eating out than on groceries, so we could all save plenty of money by learning how to cook. Unfortunately that’s not an easy task at any age, but there is a wide array of tech that can help.

In years past, most people would learn basic food safety from working in a fast food restaurant as a teenager for their first job. Things like washing your hands, using different cutting boards for raw and cooked foods, and proper sanitation are often glossed over in the home. Now many people are skipping that experience and getting to adulthood not knowing how to even flip a burger.

We all know that cooking at home is healthier than eating out, especially if you are eating out every meal. Learning to cook doesn’t just save you tons of money, it can also help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Food safety tech has come a long way since the invention of the refrigerator, which originally relied on blocks of ice before widespread electricity — hence the term ‘icebox’. Now you have mustard shoved in the back of this glorious device that has been there since you moved in, whenever that was. The Days Ago Tracker is a great way to know when that ancient bottle of ketchup in the back of your fridge is past its prime and ready to toss out.

It’s not always easy to know how long to cook meat if you are new to cooking, even though these days it says right on the package most of the time. But fear not, tech can help here, too. The Range Dial Grill Pro helps you cook meats to an internal temperature that is actually safe to eat, taking the guesswork out of cooking meat safely.

But just because food is safe to eat doesn’t mean it’s going to taste good. Recipes can be tricky if you don’t know basic things like kitchen tools, pots and pans, which knife to use, and what spices to have on hand. You have to start by learning the basics, and then you have to turn those basics into meals.

Once you learn which tools to use and stock your kitchen, you can start learning how to plan meals and make grocery lists. There are also plenty of apps that can help teach people how to cook, especially if they aren’t sure where to start.

Project Foodie is a directory of helpful videos and recipes from a celebrity chef who teaches step by step cooking methods for each recipe and includes information on what tools you’ll need and what to buy at the store. Sidechef can help plan meals and shopping lists, while the Cooking Times app can help you cook food safely without burning it.

Start learning to cook today for your health. Learn more about the tech and gadgets for learning to cook from the infographic below.