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Can Straight Teeth Improve my Health?

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Most people are motivated to get their teeth straightened as a means of improving their appearance. What many people do not realize is that straight teeth also can improve a person’s health. Indeed, straight teeth improve health in a number of different ways.

Improved Gum Health

A primary way in which straight teeth improve health involves a person’s gums. Gum disease is a major problem in many countries around the world, according to the Mayo Clinic. Straight teeth ensure that gums fit appropriately around the teeth themselves. A secure connection between gums and teeth is the best line of defense against periodontal disease.

Improved Overall Oral Health

Because straight teeth provide a solid line of defense against periodontal disease, they also help to enhance a person’s overall oral health. For example, when a person experiences different types of periodontal disease, bacteria accumulates in the mouth causing other problems. These can include persistent and painful mouth and tongue sores. In other words, periodontal problems begin to initiate a domino effect that negatively impacts other parts of a person’s mouth.

Improved Gastro-intestinal Health

Many people overlook the importance of properly and thoroughly chewing food when it comes to overall gastro-intestinal health. The reality is that improperly aligned teeth result in food not being properly chewed. Over time, this can result in the development of a number of different types of gastro-intestinal (digestive system) disorders.

As an aside, when food is not properly chewed, in the end a person is not able to extract an optimal amount of nutrients from it as it passes through his or her digestive system. Thus, improperly aligned teeth actually can result in a person not obtaining all of the nutrients that would be obtained even from a healthy diet as is the case when teeth are straight.

Improved Overall General Health

In recent years, research has demonstrated that periodontal disease can cause other serious health problems for an individual with this type of health condition. For example, medical research has demonstrated that there is a direct connection between certain types of periodontal disease and heart problems of different types.

Straight teeth can play a beneficial role in preventing these types of more significant health issues in some cases. According to Dr Enrico J Azarko, straight teeth can stave off periodontal problems, which in turn can lessen the odds that a person will suffer from certain types of other major health or medical problems. Consider proper oral care if you want to take your overall health seriously this winter season. Good oral habits will help keep you out of the dentist’s chair and hospital bed so make the changes necessary as soon as possible.

Straight Teeth
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