Breast Cancer in men

When you hear breast cancer, you are probably thinking about women, right? Well, this post isn’t about women, it is about men. Are you probably confused and asking the questions “Can men get breast cancer too?” Well, yes. Men can develop breast cancer as well as women. Though it is not as common as women.

In fact, it is very rare for men to develop breast cancer but it is not entirely impossible for men. Some men have been diagnosed with having breast cancers. Since breast cancer mainly grows in the breast tissue so it is very understandable if men think they can’t have breast cancer. Yes, you can, and this is because you also have breast tissues as well.

Although men have fewer breast tissues as when compared to women, they still have breast tissue nonetheless, and it is entirely possible to develop breast cancer and tumours.

According to Dr Kristen Fernandez, While it is not compulsory for guys to do daily best massages or check-up,it is compulsory for them to still check for signs if breast cancers every once in a while.

Most guys tend to ignore any pain which they feel around their breast region, but they really shouldn’t ignore these pains. Though these pains could be entirely harmless, it is still best to check with a doctor to ascertain if the pain is normal or if it is an indication of something more.

This article is to pinpoint some symptoms that you would likely experience as a guy if you are developing breast cancer. If you get any of these symptoms, you would really need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

1. Breast lumps

Most of the guys who have experienced breast cancer had testified to feeling a lump and ignoring it. It is entirely possible as often times, and guys would usually ignore these lumps. According to Dr Fernandez, guys would pass off these pumps and probably think they only messed up themselves somewhere.

However, a lump around your chest region or your breast area can be a typical indication of breast cancer. What can make this lump have the tendency to be ignored is that it is usually painless.

However, these lumps are accompanied usually with tenderness around the breast area which is most especially felt when it is touched. As we all know, cancer tends to spread. Once this cancer spread, you would feel swellings under your armpit, around your collarbone or within your lymph nodes.

2. Inverted nipples

While it is quite a military to experience lumps when having breast cancer, however, one unusual occurrence that will happen is if you as a guy have an inverted nipple. Just as cancer begins to grow and expand, cancer will tend to pull on the supporting ligaments if the breasts and that of the nipple. This single action will cause the breast tissue to become dented and inverted.

Sometimes, you may not notice any visible effects of this while at other times, and you would see that the skin surrounding the affected area is dry and appears to be scaly.

3. Nipple discharge

Maybe you have noticed a stain on your shirt and not taken it as anything. Well, that unexplainable stain could have been a nipple discharge. You may have said that they are as a result of spills or shirts, however when you notice that the same kind of stain or a stain at the same spot every time on your shirt, then it just might be a nipple discharge.

This fluid is as a result of a buildup in the form of a tumour under the breast tissue. This build-up becomes so much such that it bursts and starts leaking through the nipple duct and then out of the nipple.

4. Open sores

When you begin to observe open wounds that always mysteriously appear on the nipple, that is a clear indication of breast cancer. Once this starts to happen, it means that a tumour has grown so big such that it is about to cut through the skin.

According to Dr Fernandez, this is cancer that has been ignored for so long that it can no longer be ignored anymore. Since men have so little a breast tissue compared to women, it is easy and entirely possible for a tumour to push through the tissue and until the skin.

The tumour would look like a pimple that is botched. Once you notice this, you should visit your doctor. Even if it is just a scare, it is better to be safe than sorry.