Smoking a tobacco cigarette is a complete NO in most commercial establishments, including bars, café’s, and restaurants. In fact, in many countries it’s illegal. With such crackdowns being imposed by the government, habitual smokers are gradually shifting to Electronic Cigarettes.

E-Cigs, as they are popularly called have started gaining momentum and popularity throughout the world. A recent survey showed how the sales in tobacco cigarettes dropped by 6.2% in the first quarter of the previous year. At the same time, E-Cigs seem to be achieving much thrust, with an expected $1 billion retail sale in 2013.

How Do E-cigs Work?

E-Cigs are essentially battery-operated tubes that convert a liquid solution into mist. They imitate the process of smoking a tobacco cigarette, but because of their composition, they are deemed to be relatively safer and a better option for the health of habitual smokers.

In fact, they are also beneficial for those who are looking to quit smoking. However, the question here is: are they safer than regular smoking? Here’s some food for thought.

Low on harmful substance

E-cigs are very simple in design and in the way they operate. They come with a built in rechargeable battery, typically made up of lithium and ion. An internal atomizer works to convert nicotine, propylene glycol, and a particular flavor into vapor that can be inhaled. No doubt, the released mist is a lot similar to smoke, but it contains less harmful substances than the traditional cigarette.

Better For The Health Of Regular Smokers

Of course, E-Cigs do not contain elements that are beneficial for your health. But, if you switch to them and quit tobacco, you definitely end up improving your health in the long run. We know how difficult it is to abruptly quit the intake of tobacco.

Keeping this in mind, E-Cigs come in various categories. While there are some that contain relatively high level of nicotine (designed for starters looking to quit smoking), E-Cigs gradually take their users to lower doses, as soon as they become accustomed to inhaling just vapor.

Other benefits

When you move from traditional smoking to inhaling mist produced by E-Cigs, you do yourself a huge favor. Below are a few health benefits of quitting tobacco:

  • You are able to sleep better
  • An improved sense of smell and taste
  • Cough reduction
  • Energy and vigor
  • Reduced chest pain
  • Alleviated mood and a general sense of well being
  • Better vision
  • A powerful feeling of control
  • Improved breath

Are E-cigs The Future?

A recent article published in the Forbes Magazine April issue discussed how no other substitutes of cigarettes have seen the kind of success that E-cigs have! The reason perhaps is that E-cigs imitate the smoking experience most closely, and yet are relatively less harmful.

Moreover, the facts that they have a pleasant aroma, and give smokers the freedom to light up in public, make E-cigs a popular and healthier alternative to the traditional cigarettes.