It seems as if CBD oil still keeps on showing a number of health benefits. There are a lot of people who say that it could be a viable alternative to cancer treatment in the future, but how accurate are these statements?

In this short brief, we take a look at the viability of CBD oil as a cancer treatment in the future, and if there’s any truth that it could probably be a cure.

CBD Oil: A Brief Summary

There are many cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant. One of them is Cannabidiol or what is more popularly known as CBD. The marijuana plant’s composition of CBD is up to 40 percent making of its most significant products.

CBD differs from THC since the latter is responsible for the psychoactive high that marijuana is more popularly known for. Some people combine both substances for alternative health treatments.

In this article, we’ll focus on the effects of CBD oil in itself, specifically in cancer. There are a few that are suggesting that since CBD has plenty of benefits in the treatment of other disorders, it could affect the treatment of cancer.

Some people have even tried combing CBD oil with other natural substances because it’s said to increase its efficacy. CBDKRATOMEXPERTS.COM is a great resource to check out people using a combination of CBD oil and kratom to check and have found anecdotal evidence of the way it benefits their health.

So, Can It Cure Cancer?

The short answer is no. There’s still a lot of research to be done concerning the effects of CBD and its role in the treatment of cancer, but the latest evidence by no means makes it a cure for the big C. However, we cannot dismiss its role just yet as there’s not enough to go by scientifically.

CBD has a long way to go since its other claims and health benefits are still being studied. Its long-term effects are also haven’t been measured.

However, here’s something interesting to note. A study done states that there’s evidence to support that anticancer activity of TMZ and ALK inhibitors in animals are bolstered with cannabinoids.

Also, this is not all that we have going for us at the moment. There are other studies available, too, but extensive research is still needed to confirm this claim.

How About its Potential Benefits to People With Cancer?

This is an area where there’s a lot of discussion due to previous research that has been done.

Some studies indicate that cannabinoids can be used to slow down tumor growth, but the issue is the differences in dosage and formulations. There should be a way to measure how much cannabinoid to use and what the mixtures should be.

Other studies go into the use of CBD in its role to inhibit the growth of particular cancer cells.

For the time being, since there isn’t enough research to use CBD as a primary medication in the treatment of cancer, we should only be utilizing it as a complementary treatment to ease the pain.

CBD oil is also used for eating disorders, and it seems that it can also help restore the appetites of people undergoing cancer treatments.

Can It Prevent Cancer?


Here’s another topic that a lot of people are talking about because they want to know the role of CBD oil in the prevention of cancer. The current studies are mixed when it comes to their role in preventing different types of cancer.

However, the studies that are available only show its efficacy with certain types of cancers. This can’t be used as a generalization with every cancer that’s known. On some growths, it shows some potential, but there’s still an essential issue of dosage and frequency, as well as other medical factors.

Also, we need to consider the counterindications of CBD oil.


CBD oil is still in its infancy, and there’s still a lot more to be studied with regard to its benefits to someone’s health. We can only rely on researchers being able to provide substantial evidence on its role in the treatment of cancer and its longterm effects on a person.

For now, it’s highly advised that the use of CBD is preceded by a visit to your health care professional to determine if it’s the right herbal supplement for your needs.

CBD oil isn’t also strictly used for cancer prevention, but other healthy lifestyle choices as well.