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Can Cannabis Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

For most of the plant’s existence in popular culture, cannabis was portrayed in a negative light to instill fear during the early stages of its prohibition. But with the explosion of medical uses for cannabis, its steady legalization and a general increase in positivity around its use, the correlation between cannabis and lazy stoners is no more.

Granted, irresponsible use of marijuana (at least, that which contains THC) can negatively impact your body just like alcohol or coffee, but light to moderate use is linked to a variety of health benefits. So this begs the question, with our rising interest in well-being, can cannabis be an element of our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle?

Not if You Smoke it

GGB’s Kristen McCabe spoke recently about how consumers are gravitating to cannabis products marketed as healthy such CBD oil and edibles. These products come with a plethora of physical and mental health benefits, but without the detrimental effects of smoking.

For example, if exercise is an important part of your daily routine, lighting up a joint isn’t exactly going to motivate you to hit the gym. In fact, quite the opposite will occur if your lungs are filled with smoke. Fortunately, plenty of alternative ways of consuming cannabis are available, such as juicing, tinctures, edibles, and teas.

If you’re not willing to give up smoking cannabis just yet, consider using a vape instead. Since most vape modules feature temperature adjustment, you can select the temperature at which you want to burn the cannabis, thus reducing your absorption of toxins and avoiding the tobacco that usually gets rolled into joints at the same time.

Yes – If You Control the Munchies

It’s no secret that at some point after consuming cannabis, you get hungry – very, very hungry. This is where many people end up making the mistake of devouring everything that doesn’t require effort to make. Of course, it just so happens that this usually includes less healthy solutions such as chips, chocolates, biscuits and other tasty treats.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution. If you do have carb-heavy snacks lying around, keep them aside and prepare a more healthy offering of food to satisfy your post-cannabis cravings. There’s also been a rise in healthy snacks that include medical marijuana in the ingredients, thus killing two birds with one stone.

The Bottom Line

From treating a growing list of conditions, diseases and disorders to providing pain and stress relief to enhancing your creativity and so much more, cannabis is right up there with the healthiest foods you can buy in terms of the benefits it provides. So, provided you consume it responsibly, cannabis can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.


Your best bet would be to find a method of consumption that works best for you, as well as a suitable strain, as different strains have different effects. Consider what your body needs and how or whether cannabis can satisfy those needs. If there’s something that makes it worth a try, then there’s no harm in giving it a go.

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