You must know that hormones are essential in maintaining countless physiological processes, most notably by acting as your body’s switches to turn on mechanisms to react to some stimulus such as to defend your body from becoming degraded. Just as well-formulated cellulite creams can help improve the fat burn, avocados can also promote a better balance in your hormones.

Do You Have Hormonal Imbalance?

Unless you have been clinically diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, here are some of the most glaring signs and symptoms of this condition which lessens the doubt your body’s vital switches have gone haywire:


Most especially evident when you have normally clear skin, a sudden breakout can be caused by hormonal imbalances with root causes tracing back possibly to chronic stress.

Unexplained weight gain:

Your sudden need for cellulite creams could be a symptom of hormonal imbalance. Increased level of stress hormones, such as cortisol, can cause your body to store more fat than usual but then, this symptom can also be caused by countless other medical conditions and for that, you’d want to schedule a visit with your physician just to be sure.

Stress, insomnia and chronic lack of sufficient sleep:

This triple combination spells triple trouble for you and your hormones. Your body loses its natural radar for detecting when you’re hungry and when you’re full, it loses track of your circadian rhythm, and that’s just the beginning of it all.


Again, cortisol could be the main culprit and it is affecting the proper functioning of your adrenal glands.

Indigestion and other problems with your digestive system:

When you can’t properly metabolize your food, it could be a hormonal imbalance that you are dealing with but, there could be other causes.

These are just some of the ways you could tell something in your system is off. In women, the age and life phase itself could already be an indication of hormonal imbalances — adolescence, pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. Unfortunately, several studies have already helped establish how environmental estrogen, including a long list of toxins added to food and cosmetics, are causing women estrogen levels to behave abnormally.

What’s So Special About Avocados?

Some time in the 1980’s, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was treated as the Holy Grail that finally served up salvation for women undergoing various stages of menopause.  That is, until after the Women Health Initiative (WHI) released the results of a 15-year-long study that demonstrated HRT increased women risks for breast cancers and other cancers associated with the reproductive system, as well as made women more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases.

That panned the attention of the research and medical community away from HRT and on to its potential successor. Not surprisingly, natural supplements became a major player in the market left hollow by the WHI findings. While some supplements remained infused with low levels of hormones, the natural-based varieties offered solutions from remedies traditionally used by ancient populations for the relief of menopause, that includes the maca plant native to Peru, soybeans, and black cohosh.

While the aforementioned natural sources either act on your hormones by using plant estrogen or, by stimulating glands that produce your hormones, avocados work by behaving as what are termed as “anti-estrogenic food”. That means, avocados inhibit your system from absorbing estrogen so as not to abnormally drive up production nor significantly increase its levels beyond what is appropriate for your system to manage and control.

Avocados help normalize your hormones in the following ways:

Avocados contain beneficial fatty acids and are nutrient rich, which makes it a good way to up your nutrient levels to support normal body functioning.

Avocados contain plant sterols which is what makes it an antiestrogenic food, making your body absorb less estrogen from environmental sources while simultaneously supporting the production of higher levels of progesterone instead.

By enhancing your progesterone production, avocados minimize many symptoms related to either very high or very low estrogen levels such as cancers, abnormal bleeding, stress, depression, hot flashes, irritability and mood swings, cardiovascular diseases, and frequent migraines, to name a few.

Holy Avocados!

Now you know that, instead of just hitting the shelves for a generous helping of cellulite creams, when you start noticing that belly fat bulging out of control, you should also head down the fruits section to get your healthy stash of avocados. To tame your hormones, however, requires more work, and if you’d rather take that all-natural route, here are the Top 5 tips that you must follow to manage your hormone levels completely synthetic-free:

Get on an antiestrogenic diet:

Did you know that the eggs, bacon and other meat products you serve up generously on your plate every day is laden with hormones? And, that poultry and animals are generously served up with a long list of antibiotics and hormones too to maximize their productivity and their owners’ profits? So, if you’re serious about managing your hormones better, now is the perfect time to drop the meat from your diet.

Eat more antiestrogenic foods like avocados:

Incorporate nuts, organic vegetables most notably cabbage and broccoli, fruits, organic poultry, and herbs.

Ask your specialist to replace your medications:

When you have med that stimulate the higher production of hormones, it will be wise to ask for replacements to keep your estrogen level down.

Stop using synthetically formulated personal care products:

Everything from shampoos, laundry detergents, creams, and lipsticks are laden with toxins that artificially bring up your estrogen levels. Find suitable substitutes in the form of natural and organic essential oils.

Get sufficient sleep and do workout:

Stop driving your hormone levels into a roller coaster ride. Give yourself sufficient sleep and rest every night and it won’t take long before you notice improvements in your mood, even your appetite.


What are you waiting for? Slice up those avocados and get started on a new life, a new mood, and a new you today. Combine with the 5 other tips outlined above and there will be no turning back to your bad habits.