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Is Calorie Counting the Best way to Lose Weight?

A lot of diet plans emphasize that eating right is all about playing with numbers. As long as you consume “X” calories and you do “Y” exercises there are realistic chances to attain “Z” ideal weight. However, as the weight loss industry keeps witnessing insane profits, it’s rather clear that something is not working right. Could this be because we’re calculating, measuring and counting calories the wrong way?


Historic facts about counting calories

Counting calories became a popular idea at the beginning of the 20th century, when scientist Wilbur Atwater observed that when food was placed into a machined named the “bomb calorimeter” one could measure the heat and ash to find out the amount of “energy” released (and also the amount of “energy” found in that food). The idea drew attention immediately, and thus more people started counting calories. The basic principle relies on calculating the amount of calories consumed when eating certain types of food, and “burnt” when exercising.

Tracking calories is recommended because it increases awareness. It makes people realize how much food they put inside their bodies. Knowing how many calories a certain type of food has can help understand how much one should eat daily in order to attain their maintenance or weight loss goals. In general, as soon as people recognize that they add more than they should burn, the sense of awareness becomes more present.

Counting calories is not enough to lose weight

In spite of the undisputable benefits of counting calories, experts claim that the equation is not always the best approach. It’s not that easy to shed more calories that you actually put in your body through food. First of all, we must emphasize that it is impossible to determine with exact precision how many calories a certain menu has. People have different body types that metabolize food differently and at various rates based on factors like exercise habits, muscle mass, and dieting style.

This means you can’t believe that a website, calculator or app can tell you the exact amount calories you burn if you do X exercise or eat Y food type.

Have a closer look at the foods that you put in your body

Calorie Counting

Losing weight without counting calories can happen. However it is extremely important that you pay more attention to the types of foods you put inside your body. Here are some essential guidelines to help you out.

Choose foods that are nutrient dense

Include water and nutrient dense foods into your daily diet, such as vegetables and fruits as they have fewer calories than calorie dense foods such as butter or cooked rice. Research also says that we have a tendency to eat the same quantity of food with a meal; this means that raw veggies in the same quantity as macaroni and cheese will equally satisfy your hunger with a lower amount of calories.

Food journal

Counting calories can often be a struggle. As an alternative, you could keep a food diary. Write down the foods you’ve eaten that day, as well as how you’re feeling. Become more aware of your eating habits and you’ll be more motivated to make a change and get in shape.

Master portion control

Portion control can help you lose weight without counting calories. Eat 4-5 times a day, but make sure you don’t put more than 200gr of food in the plate. Fist-size servings are also a great idea, providing that you include vegetables and healthy carbs (boiled potatoes for example).


Focus your attention on macronutrients

Track carbs, fats and protein intake to keep your weight under control. Women should try to stick to 40% calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from fat. To trigger the weight loss process, aim for 70g of carbohydrates daily, and replace starchy carbohydrates with veggies in 1-2 meals.

Counting calories may help people lose weight but there are methods too. Some can prove to be a lot more efficient. For example, you can always consider dietary supplementation. First consult with a nutritionist to examine your body type, as well as recommend all-natural supplements. Cinnamon tablets are the newest trend, as well as know spices are an excellent way of heating up the body, speeding the metabolism, and burning fat.

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