Do you want to jump start your weight loss the fast and safe way? Then the improved cabbage soup diet 2.0 will be a real game changer for you. It helps kick start your weight loss while providing a motivating oppurtunity for a whole lifestyle change.

This infographic from based on the Amazon Bestseller the 7 Day Diet 2.0 details a breakdown of the seven diet days including healthy recipes and protein shakes. Specific suggestions what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner including breaks make this famous weight loss plan as easy and convenient as possible.

Many tips and tricks on each day help staying on track for the whole week. Although not recommended for long-term weight loss, the Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 is a high-fiber, low salt diet, that will help slim yourself down quickly before you start a more moderate long-term eating concept.

Cabbage Soup Diet