Eyelash Conditioner

An eyelash conditioner is a special product that was made for people that tend to lose eyelash hairs.

The conditioners are made to strengthen lashes while stimulating hair follicles so that lashes also can grow. Because eyelashes are a protectant to the eyes from dirt, dust and other foreign particles, it is important to protect them.

Regular use of these special conditioners will most certainly help the lashes retain their strength for both protection to the eyes and a much healthier look.

There are several brands of different eyelash conditioners that you can choose from, such as Dermalash or Revitalash. It is claimed that the best eyelash conditioner is Revitalash. Many reviews have been done to back this claim up and they have a high customer satisfaction rate.

These eyelash conditioner reviews can be found on their website. Revitalash ingredients, which include water in addition to a vitamin B5 complex, promote stimulation of the hair follicles and growth of the lashes.

Dermalash has added botanicals that are gentle on the lashes and the skin. It also includes an ingredient which is said to signal the hair follicles to grow.

A tube of eyelashes conditioner should last about four months, maybe longer. You will generally be instructed to apply it to the base of the lashes every night, but each tube has its own instructions.

Be careful not to get the conditioner in your eyes, as it can sting or cause eye irritation. If you apply each evening and you notice that you have a surplus of conditioner left over at the end of six months, it’s best to get rid of it to avoid transmitting bacteria into the eyes, and to lower the risk of infection.

This rule is true to all types of makeup and moisturizers, not just limited to eye makeup or conditioning agents. You can buy natural eyelash conditioner or any other type online.

Use of eyelash conditioner produces different results for different people. The average expected time-frame in which patients reported seeing results is about three weeks or as long as five weeks.

Each person’s hair growth is different, and therefore it is possible to see results sooner or later than the given time frame. Once you begin to see results, do not stop your treatment. You will need to use it on a regular basis to maintain your desired look.

The bottom line is that you can have longer, fuller lashes in just a few short weeks.