Busting myths surrounding CBD

Lately everyone is talking about CBD and why not, given the many claimed benefits it supposedly has. From relieving pain to improving overall wellness, it’s no wonder why CBD is gaining some much attention.

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When it comes to understanding CBD and its purpose, many people are confused and struggle to understand how it can benefit your overall health and wellness.

To help educate the nation a little bit more on the subject; we wanted to share some of the most frequently asked CBD questions and the answers to them.

What does CBD stand for?

A video created by online CBD retailer Truverra, shows that for some people pronouncing Cannabidiol is rather tricky; so you can understand why the majority of people shorten it to CBD.

Can CBD get you high?

The simple answer to this is no. It is the molecule THC that causes the high when smoking cannabis, which is completely separate to the CBD molecule.

According to a recent survey carried out by Truverra, 71% of people believe that CBD has the same effects that you would experience when consuming THC. Statements like these prove that as a nation, we need to be more educated when it comes to CBD.

What are the claimed benefits of CBD?

It is claimed that CBD can help relieve symptoms of migraines, chronic pain and anxiety. A large number of people resort to CBD as for some, it can be seen as a natural pain relief.

Can you drive after taking CBD?

According to Truverra’s survey, 66% of people either believe it is unsafe to drive after taking CBD or are unsure. The answer to this is that you can drive after taking CBD as it doesn’t carry any side effects that can affect your judgement or driving capabilities.

Can you take CBD on a plane?

This is a complex question to answer because each country has its own laws. The best thing to do is research before heading overseas.

For example, in the US many states have now legalised the use of CBD products, but this isn’t true for all states, so make sure you research the exact place you plan to visit before travelling.

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Hopefully after reading this post you have a better understanding of CBD. If you want to learn more about it, then here are some more CBD related posts.

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