Burning Fat the Unconventional Way

What comes to mind when someone says “burn away that fat?” Dieting, exercising, yoga, standing desks. That’s just a few things that primarily come to mind when thinking of toning the body.

These are, (or at least the first three) generally the best ways to keep your body healthy, your fat layers under control. The only problem with them is that they take a lot of time and commitment, two of the things you just can’t find with your busy day-to-day schedule.

If you’re not looking for generalized toning, like the whole body, but rather a specific area, then there are a few treatments you could consider.

One of them happens to be Coolsculpting NYC and other big cities’ coolest way to tone, but there are also other specialized toning treatments, like Kybella.

With these two powerhouses available at most in clinics across the world, you’re in real luck if you’ve been looking to get a little fix up on those annoying layers of fat.

“Natural” Is the Keyword

It’s perfectly natural to have fat in your body. It would be problematic if you didn’t, so don’t worry about that. Fat is a very useful part of the body, as that’s where your energy is pretty much stored. Without it you’d have a lot of health issues to worry about.

But sometimes, fat layers don’t appear in the most comfortable areas. Sure having fat near the belly isn’t necessarily a problem, but for places like under the chin, inner and outer thighs, the waistline, even arms can cause a lot of mental and physical discomfort.

It’s safe to say that none of us want to see a photo where we have a double chin. Maybe it doesn’t cause any physical discomfort, but it can be a real source of anxiety and shyness when taking photos.

And that’s only mental discomfort which maybe you don’t really mind; there are some people who are perfectly fine with having a double chin, which is great in its own right. It’s good to be confident in how you look.

But what about physical discomfort; it’s not something that’s a matter of preference or taste. Physical discomfort is objectively annoying, especially in places like the inner thigh.


If you have too much fat there, it’ll cause the two sides to rub against each other when wearing shorts or a skirt, causing the skin to get irritated and even a rash.

No one wants that; we like comfort when we do something as simple as walking. Basically you get the idea, that you don’t just get rid of fat for the sake of getting rid of it, you do it because you either have a mental or physical need for it.

Which is why cosmetic clinics offer a variety of toning or body sculpting treatments. These are specialized at handling specific areas of the body.

Burning Away the Double Chin

Speaking of the aforementioned double chin, there’s an entire treatment that’s dedicated to picking up that “double chin” and turning it into a “single chin”, which is also just called a “chin”. It’s one of the most effective ways of getting rid of a double chin and is a highly popular treatment in clinics all across the world.

It utilizes a special compound which is derived from a type of acid that your body itself produces. This acid aids in digesting food and the Kybella compound works similarly. By slowly burning away the fat cells, it gets rid of the fat accumulated under the chin, thus chiselling it and leaving behind a smooth jawline.

The procedure itself is minimally invasive, as it’s just a type of injection, which means there are no cuts, no gashes. Just a series of injections under the chin which inject a compound under the layers of skin, which specifically targets fat cells and burns through them.

And considering how the compound is basically the same toxin that is produced by the human body itself, it means that the chances of having adverse allergic reactions are quite low, making it a safer treatment than most others on the market.

So, if you’re looking to specifically chisel out that jawline and get rid of that double chin, then Kybella is definitely one you should be on the lookout for. Just do a little online search and you’ll find a lot of results for good Kybella offers from clinics in your nearby area if you live in big cities like NYC.

A Chilly Toning

Fat cells have an interesting little ability: when they come into contact with cold temperatures long enough, they are stimulated to deactivate and basically destroy themselves. Once they basically commit what is “cell self-destruction”, the body naturally rinses them out, leaving behind a more toned surface.

Coolsculpting has set high bars for toning treatments. It’s one of the safest ways to chisel out excess layers of fat on a large variety areas of the body. While Kybella is really good at specifically taking care of the jawline, Coolsculpting can work all over the body.


After a short 40 minutes procedure, you’ll go back home and slowly see the results of your Coolsculpting treatment become slowly, but surely visible within the next several months.

The procedure itself is non-invasive, there even aren’t any injections. It’s just a matter of placing several vacuums that pump cold air against the skin, creating an environment of constant cold long enough to stimulate the cells’ self-destruction mechanism.

If you’re looking for a good deal on Coolsculpting treatment, many clinics have some great offers. But if you live in NYC, I would highly recommend trying out MiracleFace MedSpa, a Manhattan situated medical spa, which has a very special Coolsculpting NYC treatment that’s one of the best deal you can find in the city.

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