Losing fat is simple in concept – intake less energy than you burn every day and you will see results – but trying to lose stubborn fat is a totally different ballgame in practice. Have you noticed that fat goes away from certain areas of your body quicker than others, and that some areas just refuse to get lean?

So what makes stubborn fat so stubborn? And, more importantly, why should you get rid of the paunch?

Difference between normal and stubborn fat

Food intake is broken down into many substances inside your body, including glucose. The release of insulin signals your liver, fat tissue and muscles to take glucose from blood and store it. The fat cells store a substance known as triglycerides, which expands the fat cells and increases your waistline.

When you have eaten, no fat burning takes place. The body uses blood glucose for energy, and stores the rest as fat. To mobilize, or burn, fat, your body release chemicals called ‘catecholamines’.

These chemicals travel throughout your body and attach to fat receptors, which then activates the release of energy stores within the fat deposits so fat can be burned off.

Fat receptors for catecholamines are categorized into alpha-2 and beta-2 receptors. Beta-2 receptors increase fat mobilization, while alpha-2 receptors hinder it. So the simple difference between normal and stubborn fat is that the latter has more alpha-2 receptors than beta-2 receptors.

If you have too much of stubborn fat, you are at a risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. The fat doesn’t sit there; it’s making chemical changes in your body all the time, which can pose risks to your health.

Taking the plunge against stubborn fat

While most individuals find it a tough ask in the realm of losing fat, usually nothing special is required to lose stubborn fat beyond a proper eating plan and exercise regime… and some patience.

The simple strategies aside, there are two specific things that you can do to speed up the rate of losing stubborn fat. Here they are:

Add green tea in extract form in your diet

Green tea in extract form, such as the Healthy Trim green tea extract, contains a substance called ‘catechin’, which is responsible for most of the health benefits offered by the tea, including weight loss.

Incorporating green tea extract in the diet increases exercise-induced body fat loss, and can help in reducing stubborn fat, in particular.

With modifications to the diet, such as including green tea extract in your daily eating plan, and following a safe homeopathic solution, you can achieve a lean, trim and healthy figure in a short amount of time.

Low- to medium-impact exercise in a fasted state

In a fasted state, your body’s insulin is at a baseline level, and it is relying on its energy stores. Exercise done in this state speeds up fat loss. Modern weight training in this state is particularly effective; research shows that weightlifting in a fasted state improves anabolic response (when your body gets leaner).

Also, blood flow is increased in the abdominal region in the fasted state, so catecholamines reach stubborn fat deposits easier, resulting in greater fat mobilization.