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Breaking news: Nigeria Records Its First Death to COVID-19

It’s no news that there is a current pandemic that is plaguing the entire world, and it has resulted in so many deaths. However, what is trending is the fact that Nigeria has recorded its first death from the hands of this virus.


On Monday 23rd March 2020, Nigeria records its first loss as a Nation to the deadly Corona Virus as the number of confirmed cases increases as the day goes by. According to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, the first case reported is that of a 67-year-old male who had returned home from a medical trip in the United Kingdom.

The man who was said to have returned from the United Kingdom where he was receiving treatments and chemotherapy for some conditions. The man whose name is yet to be revealed was said to have had diabetes as well as multiple myeloma(bone marrow cancer), had returned to Nigeria after getting the virus.

A few days after he got to Nigeria, he was said to have passed away. The agency has now confirmed that the cases that are being reported daily have risen to 36 cases in lagos, Abuja, Oyo, and three other states.

So far, Nigeria and Africa, in general, has recorded the lowest number of deaths that the Corona Virus has caused. Africa has recorded about 1,500 reported cases and 50 deaths in total.

In response to curbing the spread of this disease, the Federal Government has ordered that all schools should be closed, all international flights have been grounded and put on hold, as well as gatherings that are more than 50 have been put on hold.

We implore all Nigerians as well as other countries to ensure that they stay safe and be indoors. Practice good hygiene by continually washing your hands. Also, remember not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

If you must go out, we implore you to practice social distancing and be vigilant around you always.




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