Do you want to re-capture your youth? Many people consider Botox injections as they can give the skin a toned, tight appearance. This can work for just about anyone, but there are some risks associated with Botox. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Botox so you can decide for yourself if it is worth it.

What is Botox

Botox is botulinum toxin A. It is a toxin that can be dangerous to your health. Botulism is something you may be familiar with. This is actually one of the ingredients in Botox. This solution is injected into the skin, literally paralyzing the skin.

It was deemed healthy for use in 2002 and now, just about every health center, medical facility, and health spa offer the injections. When Botox is injected into the skin, it essentially paralyzes the skin. Botox injections tell the nerves not to contract, causing them to be stiff. This can come with many side-effects, which can be incredibly dangerous to your health.

Muscles that are paralyzed will not move, leaving them in a weak state. However, patients with muscle spasms may find that Botox is the only option they can use to control the muscle spasms. You will need to receive multiple treatments to properly manage the muscles from contracting whenever they feel ready.

Hiring a Doctor

Your best option is to hire a skilled doctor. They have the appropriate training needed to focus on the injections and to make sure your muscles are not reacting in a negative manner. Since you are injecting a solution into your muscles that paralyzes them, there is a risk that you will never re-gain control of the muscles. Do not use Botox injections that are not approved by the FDA and only receive treatments from a skilled doctor.

What it Does

Botox will freeze the muscles into a still position. When you raise your eyebrows, they will not move. Your face will literally be frozen. If you are a person that uses a lot of facial expressions when you talk and interact with others, Botox may not be the method for you. There are other creams you can use that will provide you with great results for wrinkles.

Why Use Botox?

Since Botox can leave you paralyzed and looking stiff, why would you use it? In a world that is driven by youth, this is just another option that people are using. Everyone wants to re-capture their youth and remain young as long as possible.

Botox injections are just another way to do this. Since there can be side effects, consider using lotions and creams that work great for strengthening the elasticity of your skin. They can do wonders on wrinkles and improving your overall skin tone.

Cons of Botox

Like anything, there are some concerns that you must always consider. Botox has been known to leave some areas of the face paralyzed for more than several days. In fact, some patients have never regained feeling in the area where they received treatment. Some patients have had an allergic reaction to treatments, which is rare with how diluted the formula actually is. It is important that you discuss your health with the doctor before receiving treatment.

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