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Mom, we’re bored. What mom has not heard that? When the doldrums set in and the day seems endless, you need to add a little fun to the mix. Try one of these activities to get everyone into a hilarious mood and watch the breakout of smiles and laughter.


Up in the air

Take to the skies. Make and fly kites or paper airplanes. If you are short on space, consider going to a beach or other spot where there is room to run.

Hold airplane races and/or a fancy kite contest. Weight the airplanes with paper clips and experiment with where to place them to make the planes do stunts.

Bubble blowing contest

Everyone loves bubbles. Keep a few different kinds of wands on hand to create a variety of bubbles. Kids run after them, jump up to catch or pop them, and.

of course, love to waft them into the air. Even family pets get involved and provide entertainment while trying to catch them. It is impossible to play with bubbles without laughing.

Make band instruments and put on a show for family and friends

Put the family’s creative geniuses to work to make band instruments out of recyclable materials. An oatmeal box or cornmeal box makes a fine drum.

A hollow tube can become a flute or kazoo. Small stones in a can, sticks that clack together, so many things can make music. You can think of better ones than these. Put on a show for friends or stage a mini parade complete with a marching band.

Hula hoops

Did you ever swivel your hips inside a hula hoop? How long did you keep it twirling around? Everyone will want their turn. Make it a contest and see who can do the most original moves. Laughing will be the word of the day.

Fun with cardboard

You can be the mayor of your own town, a box town that is. The town architects can build it from cereal boxes, various boxes, and different size cardboard boxes.


Use craft materials to soup up your town. These can include sewing scraps, paint, beads, magazine pictures, craft sticks and whatever else you can find.

Let each child decorate one of the buildings or a section of them.  It is also fun to create something different out of a large packing crate. It could be a boat, plane, a house, or the new family car.

Try to make each other laugh

This can be hilarious. Have everyone sit down and look at each other. Pick one child to try to make the others laugh.

Tell the others to try not to laugh. That won’t last long. The first one to laugh then has to start over to make the others laugh.

Make your own pet rock

Rocks come cheap. Get them from your yard or garden or plan an outing to collect more unusual rocks. Write adoption papers for them and make little nests so they can rest.

Give them personality with their own little faces and hair.  Dress them up in their Sunday finest with scraps and craft materials. Tell your kids to make one for themselves and one for a friend.


Give rewards for everything. Buy bags of party favors, trinkets small toys, small candies, or whatever in a dollar store. Make a little treasure box and let children pick their own prizes. Make sure everyone wins for something.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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