Confidence is one of the most important aspects which makes people stand out and be unique than the rest. Particularly with regard to men, being confident projects an appealing image. However self-confidence and poise isn’t just dependent on appreciated social skills and good looks.
Self-ConfidenceGrooming has always been an important factor in achieving considerable confidence and success. A well groomed man is more armed in facing the greatest obstacles in life since he knows that he’s externally prepared to face even the greatest giants in his industry. Whether for a business meeting or date these 7 important tips will help you groom your way into confidence and success.

Shave your beard regularly

You need to shave regularly so that you can look your best. Whether you spot a French beard, or a moustache make sure it`s neatly trimmed so that there are no stray hairs sticking out in different directions. You should also shave in the direction in which your hair grows.

Shave before bedtime. It provides you with enough time to shave, gives your skin more time to heal and saves you more time in the morning.

Make sure that you prepare your skin with a shaving oil so that the razor easily glides over the hairs. In addition to that the blades should be soaked in warm water to help the pores expand so that the hairs can easily come off your skin without much irritation and redness.

Trim your nose hairs

Whether you look more confident and handsome with a beard or not is a matter of debate, but everybody thinks that visible nose hairs are repugnant. One long nose hair can focus the attention of the people you are talking to, away from the rest of your well groomed face and create a bad impression about you.

This kind of scorn is deserved, particularly due to the fact that trimming your nose hair doesn’t require a lot of effort. Use a scissor or a trimmer to remove any long nose hairs, once every few weeks and you will be set.

Keep your nails short and clean. 

Long and dirty, fingernails do not need any explanation as to why they do not work. If your schedule or budget permits, you should try a monthly pedicure/manicure so that you can have somebody take care of this for you. You can also buffer your nails as a way of keeping the healthy shine without appearing artificial.

Remove razor bumps

Razor bumps, also known as ingrown, are the uncomfortable bumps which usually pop up after you have shaved. They are caused by hair which has been trapped under the skin surface. They are irritating and can at times be painful, particularly if they become infected.
If you want to remove these stubborn little hairs, you will require a pair of tweezers and an exfoliating scrub. Wet the skin surface with warm water so that you can open your pores, then gently rub the exfoliating scrub. Once you see the stubborn little hairs, extract them with the tweezers.

Maintain proper hygiene

Brush your teeth twice daily, including your tongue. Nobody likes a dirty mouth. Wash up –your whole body and face –at least once every day. If you have worked out at the gym or just finished work, you reek.

You should shower immediately and apply deodorant. Re-apply the deodorant throughout the day as required. Nevertheless, never overdo the cologne. If you can smell yourself, it means that the people around you cannot breathe peacefully without suffocating on your strong scent.

Quit smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco

Tobacco use causes shrinking gums, bad breath and stained teeth -a buzzkill for any potential date. As if that is not bad enough, chewing tobacco and smoking also significantly increases your risk of developing lung and oral cancer.

Maybe that is why around 58% of singles say that they cannot date a smoker. Quitting cigarettes and tobacco will make you a more attractive and increase your long-term relationship potential.

Dress with style

Wear fresh, clean and neatly ironed clothes. Do not wear anything that had been thrown into the laundry basket, due to the fact that you ran out of clean clothes. Your workmates, friends and the people you will meet will notice this trick.

Secondly, it is no use to wear branded trousers and expensive shirts if they do not fit you. Dressing under your age, ill-fitted clothes or baggy trousers completely ruins your personality and image.

Author Bio:
Cristian is the co-founder and CEO of Merkaela. He has worked with dozens of startups as a finance and strategy professional. He is passionate about wellness, sustainability, and life.