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When a Body is Full of Toxins, the Body’s Owner Feels Poorly

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A person’s body is quite resilient and generally does a first-class job of taking care of itself, getting rid of noxious build-up in the system, so the body owner continues to feel good.

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However, there are times when the body is unable to rid itself of pollutants it has been exposed to or that have been digested.

When a person’s insides are gunked up with toxins, he isn’t going to feel well. People often choose to ‘cleanse’ their system in an effort to purge their bodies of contaminants.

Cleansing of the body means eliminating waste and flotsam and jetsam from cells, tissues, body organs and from the colon and intestines that are not doing the person any good, only causing harm. Cleansing is the process of detoxifying the body.

Side effects

Novices to the cleansing process need to be aware that there may be some unpleasant side effects, such as bloating, gas, nausea, headache and fatigue because the discharge of toxins produces these symptoms.

This is temporary and eventually the side effects become constructive and include increased energy, expansiveness, keenness and a sensation of buoyancy.


When detoxifying it is important to use sufficient amounts of electrolytes, which lessen the negative side effects and encourage feelings of being refreshed and renewed.

Drinking copious amounts of water, drinking organic teas and transparent broths or taking an electrolyte adjunct can help tamp down the negative side effects.

The reason electrolytes are so essential is because they carry electrical signals throughout the body. Electrolytes are minerals.

Juice cleanse

Those people intent on cleansing their bodies opt for a juice cleanse, which is thought to heighten energy levels, allow the body time to mend and revamp itself and reconstruct the immune system.

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When juicing a person consumes raw fruit and vegetable juice that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, all of which provide the body with everything it requires to repair itself and detoxify.

When undergoing a juice cleanse, the body does not have to use much energy to digest what is drunk. Instead of focusing on digesting, the body can heal and renew. Some individuals cleanse for a week or two while others stick to a 24-hour regimen.


Before committing to the cleansing process, switch your diet, including as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. Do this a few days before starting the juice cleanse. This will make the adjustment to a juice diet less dramatic.

You will need a juicer. Use it to juice fresh fruit and vegetables. It is recommended that you drink between eight and 16 eight-ounce cups of freshly squeezed juice every day. Do not drink coffee, soda, tea or drink alcohol while cleansing. Do not eat any solid food.

When juicing, an individual does not consume sufficient amounts of fiber so you may find yourself becoming constipated. To avoid this, introduce a fiber supplement into your diet. When the cleansing is completed, gradually reintroduce yourself to solid foods.

Starts with steamed vegetables, raw salads and fruits and eventually work up to other foods that have been avoided while juicing.

Author Bio:

Jennifer Fox is a diet and nutrition consultant. She enjoys sharing her tips through her writing on various health and lifestyle blogs. Click here for more information if you’re considering a 3 day juice fast.
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