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Body Contouring to Remove Overhanging Skin

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When a person loses weight dramatically, any excess skin or fat left behind can be removed through plastic surgery. This procedure is also known as body contouring or post-bariatric surgery. The aim of this surgery to ensure any sagging skin is restored in appropriate proportions making the overall appearance attractive. Usually people prefer to get this surgery around the areas of the abdomen, buttocks, face, neck, thighs, breasts or upper arms.

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Reducing excess weight from your body by a simple surgery definitely has many benefits, the top most being the overall improvement in appearance. However, one of the most dreaded outcomes of surgeries such as these is that often times after a dramatic weight reduction, the tissues or skin lack the elasticity to conform back to the new body size. This is when people engage in body contouring procedures.

Pros and Cons

The good part about post-bariatric surgery is that it will help you fit in your clothes better as your extra overhanging skin will be removed. Your self-esteem will obviously be much better plus any infections or rashes you may have been prone to on this area of the skin will be cured. However, every good thing has its own list of cons and if you must go for body contouring keep in mind that your surgery may not always turn out as you expected it to be. Just like other surgeries there will be a permanent scar left behind on the operated area of your skin. The outcome of the surgery will again be affected as you grow old, gain weight again or anything that affects your body through your lifestyle choices.

Is Body Contouring Suitable For You?

Again, this depends on how depressed you are from your overhanging skin. If you feel that even though your weight is stable after your dramatic weight loss yet your bulging skin is not going back intact to its respective area then you should probably opt for body contouring. However, a few other characteristics that you may need to consider are:

  1. Stable weight for at least a six month period with no further loss in weight expected.
  2. Your overall medical health is in good condition.
  3. You have a healthy, balanced diet.
  4. You do not engage in any unhealthy activities such as smoking, consuming alcohol etc.
  5. You have the medical stamina required to undergo such a surgery.
  6. You are pragmatic in your mentality about the outcomes of this surgery.

Body Contouring Procedures

So you’ve decided to opt for body contouring. Now all you have to do is decide which type of body contouring procedure would you like to get done on you and inform your surgeon. This is not that difficult a choice as it looks, given the list below of choices to opt from the multiple body contouring procedures available. Each type of available procedure is specific to a particular area in your body. Therefore, wherever you feel you have overhanging skin in excess, get your body contouring done in that particular area.


This type of body contouring is undergone mostly by women who get pregnant and have overhanging fat in their bellies. Pannus is the lower abdomen area of our body. Panniculectomy removes the overhanging area from around the lower abdomen just below the belly button.

Belt Lipectomy

Any area associated to your lower body is fixed by belt Lipectomy. This procedure is also known as lower body lift. It can reshape the thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, abdomen and any other lower body area. This type of surgery is mostly designed for those who tend to have loose skin in these lower areas of their body.

Tummy Tuck

This is the most common form of plastic surgery that is undergone by women who want to remove stretch marks after giving birth. Tummy tuck in Atlanta has become so common that there is even a popular surgeon that performs this surgery specifically. Dr. Mark Crispin is the designated surgeon who is known to provide tummy tuck surgeries in Atlanta.


If you want to improve the proportions of your chest, thighs, neck and upper areas then you should opt for liposuction. This surgery is also suitable for all those who wish to get rid of any excess skin troubling them on the knees or upper arms.


Often times women that age tend to complain about sagging or uneven breasts, or may even complain about the drooping skin in this area. This type of procedure only enables this area of your body to be uplifted. It does not enlarge or reduce the size of your breasts. Women who desire larger or smaller breast sizes should go for breast augmentation or breast reduction.

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This type of procedure is directly related to the upper arm area of your body. Upper arms tend to become really flabby after a dramatic weight loss. Therefore, surgeons provide this surgery for those patients who have excess skin hanging in the upper arm area.


This type of surgery is also known as thigh lift and as the name suggests, it uplifts any excess skin in the thighs. Thigh lift can also be performed in combination with any other surgery in the lower body as well as a liposuction.

Being sure of exactly where you want your plastic surgery performed is one of the most vital steps deciding whether to go for it or not. So, consider the above mentioned procedures in order to be sure of what type of body contouring procedure you want to opt for before visiting your surgeon.

Author Bio:
Angela John is working as Content Strategist at Crispin Plastic Surgery, the Plastic surgery Company US She is a Holistic plastic surgery Consultant, avid Beauty Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about on various health conditions, beauty and plastic surgery tips. She is a passionate writer.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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