Most people have heard of ergonomic chairs and mattresses. But ergonomics goes even further than sitting at your computer or getting a good night’s sleep. Did you know that there’s actually an ergonomically correct position for seeing the side view mirror on your car? Did you know that there is an ergonomically correct standing position? It’s true! That doesn’t necessarily mean that certain things aren’t ergonomic and certain things are.

What that does mean is that there are bad ergonomic features or good ergonomic features that apply to many things – such as chairs and mattresses. You do of course want the good economic features. And the sooner, the better. The longer you go with mattresses and chairs that have the bad ergonomic features the more damage you’re doing to yourself physically and mentally.

You Have To Sit, You Might As Well Do It in Comfort:

You may already be suffering the effects of sitting in a chair that is ergonomically undesirable. It’s not too late to change that but the longer you wait the more you will suffer. It’s always better to nip something in the bud earlier than later. You can still get up and stretch your legs every now and then even though you may not feel the need to.

And if you must, you can still get up and sneak those cigarette breaks just to get the blood circulating back in your legs – even though it will be circulating quite nicely with the right chair. It doesn’t have to change your lifestyle but it’s going to change the way you feel and even the way you think. You can be more clear headed and productive if you are more comfortable at your workstation. And if your workstation is a computer you’re in all likelihood already suffering from the effects of staring at a computer screen all day.

Someone Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed:

It’s hard to wake up on the right side of the bed when your entire mattress is jam-packed full of undesirable ergonomics. Just like sitting in an uncomfortable chair reduces productivity and mental acuity, sleeping – or trying to sleep – on a bad mattress is going to reduce your chances of a good night’s sleep. And a bad mattress is definitely something to lose sleep over.

Not only do you stand a better chance of having a productive day, being able to deal with stress and experience emotional stability with an ergonomic mattress but chances are you’ll wake up without that early morning back pain you’re so used to feeling. There are individuals that think that waking in the morning with back pain is normal. It is not normal – it is unacceptable and unnecessary. Just because something is common does not make it the norm.

What are the Characteristics of an Ergonomic Chair?

What is it about an ergonomic chair that makes it so special? You will find that the word adjustable is a key feature on chairs which are ergonomically beneficial. The following are a list of characteristics that most ergonomic chairs have in common:

  •  Armrests which are adjustable and allow your shoulders and arms to relax
  •  Material on the seat should be comfortable yet durable
  •  The chair itself should tilt forward and backward
  •  The depth and width of the seat should suit your body
  •  Lumbar support should be adjustable
  •  Seat height is definitely adjustable – can’t have your legs just dangling in midair

If any of these features are missing chances are you do not have a chair designed with proper ergonomics. If you sit at a desk frequently and for long periods of time, suffer from neck or back pain from sitting for long periods, if you’re an IT professional, email like crazy, are a writer or even play lots of games on your computer you are probably a person that could benefit from an ergonomic chair. Maybe the best thing about getting a brand-new ergonomic chair or mattress will be that it’s going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy just knowing you have a new toy.

Think about the last time you got something new. You get all happy and excited and you can’t wait to use it. Who knows, you may find yourself sitting at your computer more than usual just because it’s so darn comfortable. And with the excellent night’s sleep that you’re going to be getting, you will be all relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated and raring to go be even more productive than ever before… every single morning. Who couldn’t use a little more joy in their life?

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