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Popular Biblical Names for Boys

The old and new testament of the Bible is filled with both unusual and classic baby names. They convey a history that can be delightful to have as part of your child’s own story.

Before picking a name for your newborn, be sure to seek out more information about stories that accompany them, especially if you have a keen interest in the meaning of names.

While the meanings of some names are quite lovely (“full of grace”) or noble (defender of men”), others a not so charming (“house of affliction”).

Names from the new testament tend to be more prevalent in modern America as it is thought of as the “Christian Bible.” But that doesn’t mean you won’t find some unique and uncommon options.

These are some of the unique and most popular biblical names for boys, along with their origins, meanings, popularity in the top 1,000 list of boy names, and interesting information. Checkout biblical names for girls.


  • Meaning: High mountain
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Arrin, Arron, Aron
  • Famous Namesakes: Aaron Burr (Vice President), Aaron (football player) Rodgers
  • Peak Popularity: In the 1990s,  Aaron peaked at 31, but it’s now hovering around 60.
  • Fun Fact: Aaron was a high priest, prophet, and brother of Moses. He acted as Moses’s spokesman during their visit to Egypt.


  • Meaning: High father
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Abraham, Avraham, Abe, Bram, Avram
  • Famous Namesakes: Abraham Lincoln (President), Abraham Maslow (psychologist)
  • Peak Popularity: In 2015, Abraham peaked at 150. While in 2012, Abram was at 375.
  • Fun Fact: In the book Genesis, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham. He is seen as the founder of both the Muslims through his son Ishmael and the Hebrews through his son Isaac.


  • Meaning: Man
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Adamo
  • Famous Namesakes: Adam Levine (singer), Adam Sandler (comedian), Adam Driver (actor).
  • Peak Popularity: Adam peaked at number 22 in the 1980s. It has been holding up at number 80 in the 2010s.
  • Fun Fact: Adam is the first human created in Genesis.


  • Meaning: Defender of men
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings:  Xander, Zander, Lex, Aleksander, Alex, Alex, Al
  • Famous Namesakes: Alexander the Great (King), Alexander Hamilton (politician), Al Pacino (actor), Alex Rodriguez (baseball player), Alex Trebec (television host).
  • Peak Popularity: Alexander seized the number 4 spot in 2009.
  • Fun Fact: Although Alexander is of Greek origin, there are several men of that name in the New Testament.


  • Meaning: Strong
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: None
  • Famous Namesakes: Mathematical and Cognitive psychologist Amos Tversky, Amos Whitney (mechanical engineer).
  • Peak Popularity: Amos reached its peak in the late 1800s when it ranked at 121. After almost falling off the charts, it has been making a comeback and was at 655 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Amos was the first Hebrew prophet to have a book attributed to him in the Bible. He spoke out for social justice, especially decrying the oppression of the poor and greed.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Manly
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Andreas, Andre, Andres, Andy, Drew
  • Famous Namesakes: Prince Andrew, Saint Andrew, actor Andrew Garfield, comedian Drew Carey, President Andrew Jackson
  • Peak Popularity: Andrew became the fifth most popular name in 2005
  • Fun Fact: Andrew was one of Jesus’s disciples and the brother of Simon Peter. He evangelized in the Black Sea region. He was crucified on an X-shaped cross, which is today called the Saltire of St. Andrew and is used on the flag of the United Kingdom and the Scottish flag.


  • Meaning: Blessed, Happy
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Aser
  • Famous Namesakes:  Rapper Asher Roth, actor Asher Angel,
  • Peak Popularity: asher managed to earn a spot at the top 1000 in the 1990s, but it has been gaining recognition since then. It was at 47 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Asher is the son of Jacob by Zilpah, and his tribe is one of the 12 tribes of Israel.


  • Meaning: Son of Talmai
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Bartolomeo, Bartolo, Mies, Mees Bartol, Bart
  • Famous Namesakes: Bart Simpson (fictional), pirate Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts, football player Bart Starr
  • Peak Popularity: Bart reached its peak in the 1960s at 315 and has dropped out of the top 1,000. The full name of Bartholomew has earned a spot in the top 1,000 since 1900.
  • Fun Fact: Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles in the New Testament. He is said to have evangelized in Armenia and India before being martyred.


  • Meaning: Son of the right hand
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Ben, Benji, Benny, Bennie
  • Famous Namesakes: Author, inventor, and politician Benjamin Franklin, actor Ben Affleck, President Benjamin Harrison
  • Peak Popularity: Benjamin has been a popular name for decades and is at an all-time high in 2017 and 2018 at number six.
  • Fun Fact: Benjamin was the last born of Jacob’s 13 children, being a half brother to the others and a full brother to Joseph (by Rachel).


  • Meaning: Faithful
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Cal, Kaleb
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Caleb Johnson, pharmacist and Pepsi inventor Caleb Bradham
  • Peak Popularity: In 2009, Caleb earned a spot in the top 50 at number 31.
  • Fun Fact: Caleb was sent by Moses to find the land of Canaan in the Old Testament.


  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Dannie, Danny, Dan, Danilo
  • Famous Namesakes: Pioneer Daniel Boone, football player Dan Marino, actor Daniel Craig
  • Peak Popularity: Daniel ranked as the fifth most popular name in 2008.
  • Fun Fact: Daniel was among the first exiles to be taken to Babylon during the overthrow of Judea by the Babylonians. Daniel serves in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar and interprets his dreams. An angel helped him survive being thrown into a den of lions.


  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Dave, Davy, Davie, Davey
  • Famous Namesakes: frontiersman Davy Crockett, singer David Bowie, Soccer player David Beckham.
  • Peak Popularity: David peaked at the number two spot in the 1960s. It has maintained a place in the top 25 throughout the 21st century.
  • Fun Fact: David was the second king of Israel and established Jerusalem as the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel, after which it was called the City of David.


  • Meaning: My God is Yahweh
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Eli, Eliya, Ilias, Elias
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Elijah Wood, inventor Eli Whitney, religious leader Elijah Muhammad, football player Eli Manning
  • Peak Popularity: Elijah has made a massive resurgence since the 1980s and was the seventh most popular name in 2019.
  • Fun Fact: Elijah was one of the first prophets of the Old Testament. Rather than dying, he was carried to heaven on a chariot of fire, and during the transfiguration, he appeared to Jesus (along with Moses).


  • Meaning: Enduring, solid
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Eytan, Eitan
  • Famous Namesakes: Patriot Ethan Allen, filmmaker Ethan Coen, actor Ethan Hawke.
  • Peak Popularity: Ethan was the second most popular name in 2009 and 2010.
  • Fun Fact: There are at least six characters with the name Ethan in the Old Testament. Ethan the Ezrahite is said to be the author of Psalm 89 and was noted for his wisdom.


  • Meaning: God will strengthen
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Zeke, Ezequiel
  • Famous Namesakes: Football player Ezekiel Elliott
  • Peak Popularity: Ezekiel has newfound popularity and shot up to 82 in 2017
  • Fun Fact: Ezekiel was a prophet in Jerusalem the time of captivity to Babylon. He foresaw the restoration of Israel.


  • Meaning: Help
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Ezras, Esdras
  • Famous Namesakes: Poet Ezra Pound
  • Peak Popularity: Ezra is rising rapidly. It earned a spot in the top 100 in 2018 at number 59.
  • Fun Fact: The Book of Ezra, in the Old Testament, tells of Ezra the Scribe who led a group home from the exile in Babylon and was instrumental in reintroducing and enforcing the Torah in Jerusalem.


  • Meaning: Fortunate
  • Origin: Latin
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: None
  • Famous Namesakes: Daredevil Felix Baumgartner, composter Felix Mendelssohn, Nobel laureate physicist Felix Bloch
  • Peak Popularity: Felix reached its peak in the 1880s at 158, but has remained in the top 300.
  • Fun Fact: Felix was the Roman procurator of Judea, in the New Testament. He served at apostle Paul’s trial and often sent for Paul to talk with him. However, he left Paul in prison when he l office.


  • Meaning: God is my strong man
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Gavril, Gabi, Gabe
  • Famous Namesakes: Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, musician Gabriel Byrne
  • Peak Popularity: Gabriel peaked at 21 in 2010.
  • Fun Fact: Gabriel is an Archangel who carried messages to Daniel (old testament), Zachariaand Mary (new testament).


  • Meaning: hewer, feller
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Gedeon
  • Famous Namesakes: Gideon Emery, Gideon Welles
  • Peak Popularity: Gideon was gaining popularity and rose to number 304 in 2017.
  • Fun Fact: Gideon was a military leader chosen by God in the Old Testament. He cooked up a clever plan to defeat a superior Midianite force by tricking them into thinking they had far more troops.


  • Meaning: He will laugh
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Itzhak, Yitzhak, Ike, Issak
  • Famous Namesakes: Musician Isaac Stern, Natural philosopher Isaac Newton, politician Yitzhak Rabin, author Isaac Asimov
  • Peak Popularity: Isaac reached number 29 in 2013.
  • Fun Fact: Isaac was the only child of Abraham and Sarah in their old age. God later tested the faith of Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice Isaac but stayed his hand at the last moment.


  • Meaning: The salvation of the Lord
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Isaija, Esaias, Isaias, Isiah
  • Famous Namesakes: Basketball player Isaiah Thomas, football player and personality Isaiah Mustafa, actor Isaiah Washington
  • Peak Popularity: Isaiah peaked at 39 in 2006.
  • Fun Fact: Isaiah, who’s the author of the self-titled Book of Isaiah, was one of the four major prophets of the Old Testament.


  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Koby, Kobe, Coby, Jeb, Jacques, Jake, Jaycob, Jakob
  • Famous Namesakes: Politician Jacob K. Javits, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, basketball player Koby Bryant, boxer Jake LaMotta
  • Peak Popularity: Jacob maintained first place from 2000 to 2012.
  • Fun Fact: Jacob came to be called Israel, and his 12 sons formed the 12 tribes of Israel.


  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jae, Jim, Jay, Jaymes
  • Famous Namesakes: King James, singer James Brown, President James A. Garfield
  • Peak Popularity: James reached number one in the 1940s. It was the fourth most popular name for boys in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: James is a Greek version of Jacob. Two of the 12 apostles were named James.


  • Meaning: He that cures
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jaxon, Jaxson, Jaxon, Jae, Jayce, Jay, Jayson, Jayceon
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Jason Mraz, actor Jason Momoa, actor Jason Statham
  • Peak Popularity: Jason peaked at number three in the 1970s.
  • Fun Fact: Jason was an early Jewish convert to Christianity In the New Testament.


  • Meaning: Yahweh will exalt
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jerry, Jeremy, Jeremias
  • Famous Namesakes: Jeremy Bentham (philosopher)
  • Peak Popularity: Jeremiah held the 51 spot in 2010 and 2011. The variation Jeremy reached 26 in the 1970s.
  • Fun Fact: Jeremiah was the author of the books of Kings, The book of lamentations, and the self-titled Book of Jeremiah and is one of the major prophets of the Old Testament. He lived to see the destruction of Solomon’s Temple and the fall of Jerusalem.


  • Meaning: Gift
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jess, Jessie
  • Famous Namesakes: Athlete Jesse Owens, outlaw Jesse James
  • Peak Popularity: Jesse peaked at number 28 in the 1880s and again in the 1980s at number 49.
  • Fun Fact: In the Old Testament, Jesse was the father of David, who became the second king of Israel.


  • Meaning: The grace of God
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jonathan, Jonathon, Johannes, Johan, John, Ian
  • Famous Namesakes: President John F. Kennedy, King John, President John Adams
  • Peak Popularity: John peaked at number one in 1910. In 2018, it was at number 27.
  • Fun Fact: John can trace back to Jonathan in the Old Testament, but also to John the Baptist and John the apostle in the New Testament.


  • Meaning: Dove
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jonas, Yonah, Ionas
  • Famous Namesakes: Medical researcher Jonas Salk, actor Jonah Hill
  • Peak Popularity: Jonah reached its all-time high in 2012 at number 128.
  • Fun Fact: Jonah was a prophet who tried to get out of preaching by boarding a boat, but when a storm came up, he was thrown overboard and then swallowed by a large fish. Deposited alive, he finally did as God had commanded him.


  • Meaning: God is salvation
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Jesus, Yeshua, Josh
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Josh Hutcherson, Civil War general, and politician Joshua Chamberlain
  • Peak Popularity: Joshua was the third most popular boy name from 2002 to 2006.
  • Fun Fact: In the Old Testament, Joshua succeeded Moses after his death and led the people of Isreal to the promised land.


  • Meaning: He will add
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Giuseppe, Jo, Joey, Joe, Josef, Yosef, Yousef, Jose
  • Famous Namesakes: Chief Joseph, Vice President Joe Biden, author Joseph Conrad, boxer Joe Frazier
  • Peak Popularity: Joseph peaked at number five in the 1910s. In recent decades, it was in the sixth position in 2003.
  • Fun Fact: Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob in the Old Testament. Joseph was the husband of Mary (mother of Jesus) in the New Testament.


  • Meaning: Joined
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Lev
  • Famous Namesakes: Inventor Levi Strauss, cyclist Levi Leipheimer, Levi businessman Ziegler Leiter, football player Levi Wallace
  • Peak Popularity: Levi has newfound popularity, reaching 33 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Levi, whose tribe became Israel’s priestly tribe, was the third son of Jacob.


  • Meaning: From Lucania
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Luc, Lucas
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Luke Bryan, actor Luke Perry
  • Peak Popularity: Luke peaked at 28 in 2015.
  • Fun Fact: Luke was a doctor and apostle Paul’s traveling companion. Traditionally, he is said to have written the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of Luke.


  • Meaning: Shining, polite
  • Origin: Latin
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Markus, Marko, Marcus
  • Famous Namesakes: Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, author Mark Twain, actor Mark Hamill
  • Peak Popularity: Mark grabbed the sixth position in the 1960s. It had since dropped to 210 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Mark is the patron saint of Venice and is credited for writing the second gospel.


  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Matteo, Matthias, Mathew, Matt
  • Famous Namesakes: Commodore Matthew C. Perry, football player Matthew Stafford, actor Matthew McConaughey
  • Peak Popularity: Matthew was the third most popular boy name in the 1980s through 2001.
  • Fun Fact: Matthew was a tax collector chosen by Jesus to be one of his apostles and is credited for writing the first gospel. The variation Matthias is the name of another apostle.


  • Meaning: Who is like God?
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Micheal, Michal, Mickey, Mike, Michal, Miguel, Mick, Mikael, Mikhail
  • Famous Namesakes: Basketball player Michael Jordan, singer Mick Jagger, actor Michael Caine
  • Peak Popularity: Michael held the number one spot for boy names in the 1960s until the end of the 20th century.
  • Fun Fact: Archangel Michael appears in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and as the leader of the heavenly army in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.


  • Meaning: He gave
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Nathaniel, Nate, Nathanael, Natan
  • Famous Namesakes: Figure skater Nathan Chen, actor Nathan Lane
  • Peak Popularity: Nathan peaked at 21 in 2008.
  • Fun Fact: In the Old Testament, Nathan served as a prophet in the King’ court. He reprimanded David for committing adultery with Bathsheba.


  • Meaning: Repose, rest
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Noe
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Noah Wyle, author Noah Webster
  • Peak Popularity: Noah held the number one spot for boy names from 2013 to 2016, and then dropped to second place in 2017 and 2018.
  • Fun Fact: In Genesis, Noah rescued his family and two animals of each species from the Great Flood by building an ark. He made a covenant with God that this would never happen again, and the rainbow is the sign of that deal.


  • Meaning: Small
  • Origin: Latin
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Paulo, Pablo, Pauwel, Pavel, Paulus
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Paul McCartney, artist Pablo Picasso, actor Paul Newman, economist Paul Krugman
  • Peak Popularity: Paul ranked from 14 to 17 in the first half of the 20th century, but fell below the top 100 in the 21st century.
  • Fun Fact: Paul was the name given to Saul of Tarsus when he converted to Christianity. He authored many of the epistles that form books of the New Testament.


  • Meaning: Stone
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Pierre, Pietro, Pedro, Piet, Pete, Petrus, Piers
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Peter Dinklage, basketball player Pete Maravich, journalist Peter Jennings, artist Peter Paul Rubens, singer Peter Gabriel
  • Peak Popularity: Peter peaked at number 39 in the 1950s, but has fallen to 211 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Peter was the name given to Apostle Simon by Jesus. It means rock, and Jesus said he would build his church upon that rock. From this, Peter was considered the first leader (or pope) of the Christian church.


  • Meaning: Lover of horses
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Felipe, Filippo, Phil, Filip, Phillip
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, Prince Philip, author Philip K. Dick
  • Peak Popularity: Philip peaked at 57 in the 1940s but has dropped to 439 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: In the new testament, Philip was one of Jesus’s 12 apostles.


  • Meaning: Behold a son
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Reuven, Ruben
  • Famous Namesakes: labor organizer Reuben G. Soderstrom, chess grandmaster, and author Reuben Fine
  • Peak Popularity: Reuben reached its peak in the 1880s when it ranked 178. It was barely hanging on in the top 1,000 at 927 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Reuben was Jacob’s eldest son and the patriarch of one of the 12 tribes of Israel.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Heard of God
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Sammy, Sam, Ishmael, Ismael, Ismail, Sami, Ismaiel
  • Famous Namesakes: Politician Sam Houston, writer Samuel Beckett, singer Sam Cooke, actor Sam Shepard.
  • Peak Popularity: Always in the top 50, Samuel has been hanging at 21 from 2016 to 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Samuel was the last of the judges who ruled Israel, anointing Saul and David as the first and second kings of Israel respectively.


  • Meaning: Appointed
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: None
  • Famous Namesakes: basketball player Seth Curry, actor Seth Rogen
  • Peak Popularity: Seth peaked in 90th place in the 1990s.
  • Fun Fact: Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve in Genesis, and was the ancestor of Noah.


  • Meaning: Of the wood
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Si, Silvano, Silvanus
  • Famous Namesakes: Author Silas House, Silas Timberlake (son of singer Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel), actor Silas Weir Mitchell
  • Peak Popularity: Silas came into limelight in the 2010s and its peak year so far was in 2018 when it ranked 110.
  • Fun Fact: Silas was an early Christian leader who was also a traveling companion of Apostle Paul. He co-authored the letters to the Thessalonians.


  • Meaning: He heard
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Shimon, Simeon
  • Famous Namesakes: TV personality Simon Cowell, Simon Bolivar, actor Simon Pegg
  • Peak Popularity: Simon peaked at 231 in 2014.
  • Fun Fact: Simon (spelled Simeon) was the second son of Jacob in the old testament. It was also the name of the leading apostle of Jesus, to whom Jesus gave the name Peter in the New Testament.


  • Meaning: Peaceful
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Sol, Shalom, Salomon, Sulaiman, Slomo
  • Famous Namesakes: Süleyman the Magnificent, Author Solomon Northrup, art collector Solomon R. Guggenheim, singer Solomon Burke
  • Peak Popularity: Solomon has had newfound popularity and peaked at 367 in 2016, but was more popular in the 1910s at 261.
  • Fun Fact: Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba in the Old Testament. As king of Israel, Solomon was known for his wisdom, and he is ascribed authorship of the Songs of Solomon, the Book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.


  • Meaning: Crown
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Steffan, Esteban, Steven, Stefan, Steve
  • Famous Namesakes: Wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, comedian Stephen Fry, author Steven King, composer Stephen Sondheim, physicist Stephen Hawking
  • Peak Popularity: Stephen peaked in the 1940s through the 1960s when it ranked in the top 25. Since 2000, it has declined in popularity and continues a downward slide, ranking at 284 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Saint Stephen was Christianity’s first martyr. In Acts, he was stoned to death.


  • Meaning: Twin
  • Origin: Aramaic
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Tommy, Toma, Tomas, Thom
  • Famous Namesakes: Inventor Thomas Edison, singer Tom Petty, President Thomas Jefferson, theologian actor Tom Hanks, St. Thomas Aquinas, baseball player Tom Seaver, football player Tom Brady
  • Peak Popularity: Thomas was among the top 10 most popular boy names from 1880 through the 1960s. While it has slid down a bit, it is still in the top 50 as of 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Thomas was one of the apostles in the new testament. He doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead and required proof when Jesus appeared. Tradition says he was martyred in India where he evangelized.


  • Meaning: Honoring God
  • Origin: Greek
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Timoteo, Tim
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Timothy Olyphant, football player Tim Tebow, filmmaker Tim Burton, singer Tim McGraw, business leader Tim Cook, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee
  • Peak Popularity: Timothy secured a top-20 spot in the 1960s when it ranked 13. By 2015 it had fallen out of the top 150.
  • Fun Fact: Timothy was also one of Paul’s travelling companion in the New Testament, and two of Paul’s epistles were written to him. He was martyred at Ephesus.


  • Meaning: God remembers
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Alternative Variations & Spellings: Zac, Zak, Zachery, Zacharias, Zachariah, Zachary, Zach
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Zachary Quinto, President Zachary Taylor
  • Peak Popularity: Zachary held a top spot in the 1990s through 2000 when it peaked at number 15. It fell out of the top 100 in 2017 and slid down to 109 in 2018.
  • Fun Fact: Zechariah is a book and a prophet in the Old Testament, and the name appears as that of John the Baptist’s father in the New Testament. Zachary is an English variation.

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