Lung Cancer

Lung cancer leads all the cancer types in fatalities each year in the United States for both men and women. While each types of cancer must be dealt with swiftly and quickly, it is particularly important that lung cancer is treated early in order to be effective. It is also important to be aware of lifestyle choices that can increase and decrease your chances of lung cancer.

It may seem surreal that you could possibly be diagnosed with cancer, but it can happen to anyone.  By ensuring that you are taking steps to keep your body healthy, you can lessen the chance that you will suffer from this type of cancer.

Lung Cancer Causes

The most prevalent cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking.  Those who smoke cigarettes any time throughout their lives are much more likely to have lung cancer later on in life.

Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals that have been identified as causing cancer. The damage done to a lung from smoking can take up to fifteen years to recover, and it is likely during this time that the patient may develop lung cancer. Almost all lung cancers are caused by tobacco use.

Passive smoking can also lead to lung cancer. This is also known as secondhand smoke.  While you specifically may not choose to smoke, being around those who smoke regularly can also negatively affect your health. It is important to do more than just not smoke yourself – you must stay away from those who are smoking in order to protect your lungs.

Air pollution is also a cause of lung cancer. Pollution from cars and factories can increase the risk of lung cancer. Many experts believe that being exposed to air pollution for long amounts of time can be similar to being around secondhand smoke.

Asbestos exposure also increases the risk of lung cancer significantly. Although asbestos is not used regularly in construction anymore, you may have been exposed in the past or in a building that is older.

Other lung diseases, such as tuberculosis, can also increase your chances of lung cancer. Even without the effects of cigarette smoke, you may have an increased risk of lung cancer if you have any other lung disease.

Controlling Your Life

By looking at the causes of lung cancer, and the things that can increase your chances of being diagnosed, it is obvious that many of these factors can be controlled by your lifestyle. Avoiding cigarettes and those who smoke cigarettes can greatly decrease your chances of developing lung cancer.

Cigarettes have been proven time and again to be unhealthy for your body in many ways.  By avoiding cigarettes and secondhand smoke, you can make your chances of developing lung cancer almost nonexistent.

If you have come into contact with another substance that is known to cause lung cancer, you may want to discuss your options with your doctor.  If you are to develop lung cancer, early detection can save your life.

When you work regularly with pollution, or you have been exposed to asbestos, it is even more important that you avoid cigarettes, tobacco and secondhand smoke, as these things can increase your risk even more when you are dealing with other factors that cause lung cancer. If you find yourself at risk then speaking with lawyers with good track records on Mesothelioma cases and other diseases may be prudent.

Keeping your body healthy is an ongoing process.  When you make the choice to get healthy, schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure you are doing the right things.