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Best Ways to Spend Valentine as a Single


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

It’s almost that time of the year again where everyone gets all dressed up in red or pink, and you get to walk into people with lots of chocolates or putting on heart shape trinkets.


We agreed it has to be romantic it has to be lovely but what can you do when you’re all alone, and it is obvious you’ll be flying solo for valentine?

Instead of sitting on one spot hurting so bad about how other people are getting emotionally involved, you could just find other productive ways to make valentine’s day special one for you too.

Pamper yourself

Whether single or in a relationship, we all could use some tender love and care one time or another. This is a great option for you if you’ll be flying solo on valentine’s day.

If you are the type who loves to spend money, you could go to a salon or just spend the whole day on DIY having your nails done get a pedicure to spend hours on a face mask or just take a dirty bath and snuggle up with one of your favourite books.

Sometimes the only way you can enjoy moments people spend with others is to learn to enjoy your own company and valentine’s day is one of the days you should completely unplug and begin to love yourself.

Pre-spring cleaning

Always have a to-do list and make sure that this time cleaning out your closet is one of the things on that list.

Remember all those awesome things you wish you had done before life got so complicated why not put them all on the list and begin to take them one after the other you just my friends some sense of fulfilment and peace there.

Whether it is to get new clothes or pack up some of your old ones that you intend giving out a charity just make sure all of those get done by the end of valentine’s day once that is out of the way he would begin to do more exciting things once your mind is made up.

Try out cafe hopping

Get off your bed, get dressed. Make sure you put on a very nice outfit then you can bring your journal your laptop a book or magazine or even a planner with you to any of the coffee shops around you’ve been meaning to check out.


Sometimes all you need to do is drink a different drink at different spots or maybe just try something fresh on the menu that you’ve never tried before.

Whether what you’re hoping to do is get some work done or you just want to sit down and drink a lot while you read about all the gossips currently trending online, there is no debating the fact that one should get out of your comfort zone and go out you definitely will have a more productive day.

Take on a solo adventure

It is never too late to engage on a solo adventure there are many cool outdoor sports that you probably have never discovered around you.

Some people may decide to hike some may decide to go to the park, or maybe a nearby river or beach or whatever it is if the weather permits you to go outside then do all you can to make sure you’re out there having as much fun as possible either alone or with friends.

If you really want to have so much fun and you don’t want to go out you can just sit back and check for different kinds of stuff you can learn online you can learn how to make a new kind of dish you could take some painting classes as long as it’s something you can afford.

Sometimes all you really need is a couple of YouTube videos to watch, and you can either do this alone or do it with some of your friends who are also single.

Being single can really be depressing, but sometimes it gives you room to think and see the world differently. At least so you can make a good choice the next time you’re getting into a relationship.

Do not get depressed on valentine’s day if you have to spend it all alone. Just make sure you make the best of it either with friends or on your own. Were the biggest smile you can, so that everyone else wonders what sort of happiness you have found even without a significant other.

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