The terms “marijuana”, “weed” or “pot” are general names for Cannabis. It refers to dried leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems of Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug intended for medical or recreational uses. Marijuana contains several active chemicals. Of these chemicals are cannabinoids which include the main agent – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The human body also produces Cannabinoids. They help to regulate activities involving cognition, pleasure, thinking, and movement among others.

Consumption of marijuana

The line between legal and illegal consumption of marijuana is somewhat a biased one. Medicinal and recreational uses of marijuana play across this fine line sometimes.

THC is employed in the medical sector for specific and legally authorized uses. It can increase appetite, decrease pain and inflammation. Recreational uses of marijuana include immediate desired effects that make the user ‘high’.

Cannabinoids increase awareness of sensation, libido as well as provides euphoria and relaxation. The literate and illiterate abuse of marijuana has evolved in recent times.

Security and health agencies have put up regulatory firewalls to check marijuana consumption. This has led to a search for the best ways to detoxify our bodies from marijuana.

Why and when we need to detoxify our body from Marijuana

When we consume marijuana, we most times feel its immediate effects. After these effects, it should be eliminated from the body by excretion or metabolism.

But weed, unlike other drugs, leaves Cannabinoids behind. These Cannabinoids remain in the body after long periods if not flushed out. They could linger in your body for weeks. In drug tests, they can be detected in body fluids such as saliva, blood, and urine.

Drug tests are common these days. They are required for several purposes. In workplaces, they may be necessary for examining employee safety and quality.

In hospitals, they may be used to protect patients from nosocomial accidents. In investments, they could help prevent absenteeism of staff to protect the business.

Even admission into credible schools may need a drug test. Positive drug test results will do you no good in the above settings.

Drug detoxification is thereby a remedy for these instances to prevent sad occurrences. You do not want to lose your job or change your school choice due to the Marijuana you smoked three ago in a binge party.

To always pass a drug test you should abstain from any form of Cannabis or carry out detoxification.

How to detoxify our bodies and detox remedies that work


Detox pills and kits

The use of detoxifying pills presents the quickest detoxification strategies. Detox pills help the body drop cannabinoid concentrations faster than its natural remedies.

The ingredients or active agents of these pills speed up natural detoxification. There are a variety of detox pills and kits available in the market. Urine-dependent tests are the most common tests.

Some detox kits help flush the urinary tract of any traces of THC. In many instances, the detox pills may not flush weed out of your system, as some will still hide in body fat.

Exercises are recommended to help augment the effect of detox pills and kits. Yet, for a particular drug test, Threshold concentrations exist. You are safe if the amount of cannabinoids in your system falls below this concentration.

Detox drinks

These are entirely different from detox pills. They primarily flush out Marijuana metabolites that are in the bladder. They do not speed up detoxification.

They just help speed up the excretion of these metabolites. Some people dwell in myths that infer THC detox drinks can be taken in place of detox pills.

This is not true because they both have two different individual modes of action. Detox drinks help remove weed remnants serving an excretory sentence. Thus, they present a little window of opportunity to take drug tests.

Natural Dietary detoxification

Staying healthy comes with lunch-packed detoxification. Eating healthy meals and a lot of fibers help you keep your body functioning at its best.

Vegetables, fruits, and some other food supplements have antioxidants that detoxify our bodies. Natural dietary methods of detoxification work but are sometimes slow.


Exercise helps to burn glucose at a fast rate. When the body completely utilizes its glucose stores (glycogen) it burns fats. These fats harbor cannabinoids in packet-like structures.

Exercise breaks down your fat cells and releases these metabolites into your system. Though exercising can be strenuous, it can help you detoxify your body as well as build muscle mass.

Drinking water

Taking a whole lot of water is one hard thing for the 21st-century human. The more water you take, the more pressed you are.

You will urinate more often if you take enough water daily. As you urinate you excrete these THC metabolites and rid yourself of cannabis.

There are several ways to detoxify our bodies. These methods depend on some factors.

How often do you consume marijuana?

Doctors and dietary physicians always advise us to abstain from psychoactive drugs. The frequency of consumption will determine the amount of cannabinoids in your body.

This, in turn, will tell how much detoxification is needed to achieve a negative drug test result.

How close is your drug test?

Some detoxification procedures take a little time. Dietary methods can take a while, while acute acting detox pills can save time. The detoxification strategy employed will depend on how fast you want to see results.

Overall health

Some individuals have underlying diseases and allergies. Such individuals are most times advised to carry out dietary-based detoxification. Some exercises may also be impossible in physically challenged individuals.

You cannot expect a man in a wheelchair to achieve exercise-related detoxification in a short while. The detoxification method used will depend on the overall health of the individual.

Economic considerations

Some detox pills or drinks might be expensive for your pockets. Cheaper and equally effective remedies exist.

Exercises like squatting and push-ups do not cost more than a sweaty body. Dwelling on detoxifying meals and fibers do not cost more than a while in the kitchen.

Taking enough water to dilute your system will make its payment in the restroom. Cheaper methods of detoxification exist. You just have to choose one based on the size of your pockets.

Cheap cheats to pass a Marijuana drug test


This helps to reduce the concentration of cannabinoids in your urine sample. for example, if the threshold concentration of THC metabolites used by the doctor is 50 mg/ml.

Dilution of your urine can give results of cannabinoid concentrations lower than that. hence, you can beat the threshold and have a pass. You have to be however careful and smart enough if you are to employ this strategy.

Urinating before the drug test

Urinating several times before your drug test helps to excrete the cannabinoid metabolites in the bladder.

Use of additives

Adding some chemical to a urine sample can help you pass a drug test. They can mask the cannabinoids or interfere with the test reagents or equipment. This method is most times called “adulterating the urine sample”. Chemicals used for this purpose may include soaps, bleach, and salts.

Detoxification strategies work for everyone – both heavy and light user of marijuana. You can always choose the most suitable one for your drug test.

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