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The Best Recovery Options for Drug Addiction

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Willpower is sometimes not enough to overcome drug addiction, especially if someone has been doing drugs for a long period of time. The process becomes even more difficult when someone is addicted to more than one drug. Medical practitioners consider drug addiction to be a disease that requires medical treatment.

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If you’re addicted to any form of substance or drug and are seeking help, read below to find out the best treatment options available to you.

Treatment options

The factors that lead to drug addiction are unique for every individual. That’s why medical practitioners recommend treatment based on an individual’s level of dependency as well as any additional underlying factors like environment, mental health history, and genetics. The major recovery options for drug addicts include:

In-patient and out-patient rehab programs

When you seek help to overcome drug addiction, doctors will recommend in-patient or out-patient programs depending on the severity of your case. In-patient programs are recommended to individuals with more severe addictions.

Such individuals require detoxification and monitoring around the clock as well as an isolated environment in which they can focus all of their time and energy on recovery. An individual may be admitted to an in-patient rehabilitation center if he or she has other conditions related or unrelated to the drug addiction.

In-patient programs usually guarantee the best long-term outcomes. One reason for this success is that individuals simply learn to live without the drug in a new environment. With additional support, a recovering addict can continue with the lifestyle this picked up on after leaving rehab. Outpatient programs are recommended to individuals who need to a flexible schedule. This treatment option may be best for your circumstances if you need to overcome your addiction but also need to continue with daily activities.

Counseling and therapy

The first step to drug addiction treatment is detoxification. Doctors may prescribe medication to help ease pain and anxiety caused by the detox process, especially for alcohol, opioids, and tobacco addicts.

However, these treatments address the physical cravings for drugs, but not the mental. Many individuals depend on drugs to numb emotional pain, which is where therapy comes in to play. Counseling and therapy address any underlying mental issues and stressors that may lead to a relapse of drug addiction.

Doctors recommend both individual and group therapy sessions. Addicts have better success rates when they have a support group that helps them overcome the addiction.

Individual counseling is also important in overcoming stress, anxiety, or depression caused by a new life without dependency of drugs. The most popular types of therapy recommended for drug addiction include multidimensional family therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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Sober living homes

Sober living homes are mostly recommended after addicts leave an in-patient rehab program. Sometimes they need assistance to transition from the controlled environment in a rehab center to the real world. In a sober living home, you’ll participate in normal household chores and follow certain rules.

Sober living facilities give you more freedom to move in and out than a rehab center. You buy your own food, pay your rent, and take care of the home as your own home. However, you must be committed to living independent of drugs while living at the facility. You will undergo random drug tests to ensure that you are not using or abusing any substance.

How to find free drug rehab center?

The treatment options described above are highly effective, but often come with a fee attached. Drug addiction sometimes leads to bankruptcy, especially if you’re severely addicted to expensive drugs. If you are not able to afford to pay the fee charged for treatment, you can look into free rehab centers.

Free rehab centers

Any free drug rehab in Houston or any other state is likely to be either state-funded or faith-based. Most of these centers target individuals who have few resources to treat their addiction. If you’re a legal resident in the state, you can access free treatment at public treatment centers. The centers target individuals with no income and insurance coverage.

Faith-based treatment centers complement the efforts of the state by offering treatment to drug addictions. However, the programs are based on religious beliefs and traditions.

In most of the free rehab centers, the treatment procedure is the same as that of paid centers. You will get medication, detoxification, counseling, and therapy. However, you need to confirm the forms of treatments that are free before registering.


Free rehab centers have different criteria for admission. However, most of them require that you prove your inability to pay. You must also demonstrate a willingness and commitment to overcome the addiction, as they don’t want to spend limited resources if they sense that you might relapse soon after treatment.

Some faith-based centers may require that you be a member of the religious organization to access treatment. You should be a registered resident in your state to benefit from state-funded treatment centers.

Free rehab programs favor certain categories of addicts including pregnant women, nursing mothers, and veterans. Individuals addicted to IV drugs are more likely to access free treatment than other addicts do.

If you are addicted to any substance, you have many treatment options to choose from including free admission to a rehab center. You do not have wait until your case become severe to seek help. Seek help while you still can and create a support system to help you through the process.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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